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Author Topic: TURN N6,000 INTO 300,000K IN ONE MONTHS, ITS 100% REAL.  (Read 376 times)

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« on: December 03, 2016, 12:28:22 PM »
Do you know you can be richer before the year of ends during this period of recession?
What is not possible in this world that we are, I doubted it just as you did but I guess wrong after I joined. WITH JUST N6,000, I AM MAKING N300,000 in just one month.

Have you been looking for ways to come out of debt and live the life of your dream? Have you been thinking on how to raise money to meet the demands of the Xmas festivities? Look no further; clean your tears and stop worrying, THE ANSWER IS HEAR! If you cannot do this simple business and put at least N330,000 before the Christmas, I’m afraid there is no other legitimate business you can do to succeed.

•    No bitcoin mining. No trading.
•    No selling. No products.
•    100% Scam Free, 100% Not Networking,
•    100% Payout to Members Worldwide Opportunity

‘Never complain about how bad things are, take a stand and do something! JOIN ACTIVE CITIZENS! It is the trend now, no dolling, and no lazing out.
I don’t know how to talk much, let’s go straight into BUSINESS!


A platform has been created by an International Charity Organization where ‘Active Citizens’ like You and I hold each other by the hand and walk to attain ‘Financial Freedom’ in the most fascinating way. It is far better mmm, and rewards more than 400% to what mmm has to offer. I know you are saying how is that possible? Please read to the end, and see how possible it is.

1.    Head on to this Charity Organization on http://icharity.club/member/register/?ref=infotechguru and create a FREE ACCOUNT. You are simply ready to receive donations from people from all over the world. In your dashboard, click on ‘upgrade’ and activate your account by making a onetime donation of $20 or #6,000 to an account the system shall pair you with. You can speak with the person to confirm before making your donation. After making payment, come back to the website and send payment notification to the person, who in turn shall activate your account. It is a MEMBER TO MEMBER donation. So you are not trading your money to wait for profit. You are now ready to receive donations right into your bank account from people from all over the world. When I first heard of it, I was like, abegi..., but on a second thought, do you have to wave off everything you see or hear. So I gave it a thought and risked it.

2.    Invite 5 persons to join you in this sweet business, who shall make a donation of $20 or #6,000 each to you, straight to your bank account (i.e N30,000) following the above instructions. This is pure 400% profit of your initial investment. You shall then activate them into this <Charity Organization> to start receiving donations from people from all over the world. But don’t worry about bringing people because even if you can’t bring people the system (Admin) will put 5 other registered people under you from spillovers who will also pay you N6000 each, into your bank account, making N30000. You can make these within 12 days of joining and it continues to other higher Grades up to Grade 10, that’s how it works. Also when you Join through this links: http://icharity.club/member/register/?ref=infotechguru then you are now a member of OUR TEAM, which will help you alot to get your cash within few days and also get some BONUSES which I will explain later, so it’s not a must to Join through http://icharity.club/member/register/?ref=infotechguru but it’s very very important to Join through http://icharity.club/member/register/?ref=infotechguru so you can benefit a lot as a Member of MY TEAM.

3.    YOUR LEVEL DON CHANGE! Come back again to the website and click on upgrade, and upgrade to Grade 2 with $40 or #12,000 out of your profit by making a donation to your upline the system shall pair you with. The person shall activate your donations into Grade 2. From this ‘LEVEL’ you are no more looking for 5 persons to donate to you. But the system shall automatically pair 25 persons to donate $40 or #12,000 each to you, straight into your bank account (this is N300,000). I don’t know how to calculate the percentage profit; I’m not too good in mathematics; but it should be over 2000% profit. This feat can be achieved in less than a month, if you are an ‘Active Citizen’.

4.    YOUR LEVELS DON CHANGE AGAIN O! Go back to the website again and ‘upgrade’ to Grade 3 by making a donation of $80 or #24,000 of your N300,000 to your upline to activate your account into Grade 3. The system shall then pair you with 125 persons to make a donation of $80 or #24,000 into your Bank Account (this is #3,000,000) in cash. My brother, My sister, I don’t know what you are thinking now, whether you are thinking impossibility or possibility!

5.    YOUR LEVELS DON CHANGE AGAIN O! This time around, you are making a donation of $160 or #48,000 only out of your N3Millon to your upline, who shall approve you into level 4. You are now ready to receive donation of #48,000 each from 625persons the system shall pair you with. Do the sum yourself abeg, my calculator don dey malfunction. This progression continues to 10th level, which would be reading in billions of Nigerian Naira. And you think all this is not possible, it is very possible. This organization is making common people extraordinary. The people driving SUV, PRADO JEEP, LIVING IN LUXURY HOUSES etc are not super-humans, they got opportunities just as you have now, and made use of their heads.

>>>> To be uninformed is to be deformed. You can’t fold your hands and money will walk up to you; you must be an Active Citizen to make it in life. THINK DEEPLY ABOUT IT.
ALL you need to start this business is:-
?    A functional Bank Account
?    A browsing phone or laptop
?    N6,000 Initial Capital
?    5 persons to join you in the business. Which i said MY TEAM will help you get 5 persons sharp sharp who will pay you N6000 each.
You want to think about it, right? Fine. But while you are still thinking about it, remember that people on it are already getting credit alerts from their bank accounts daily.
Sometimes the investments we fail to make are the best investments we should have made.
You are still thinking>>>>>
Where do I get #6,000 to make this investment?
Remember, this is your business, you are not working for anybody but yourself. Also there are other 3 ways you can get your 5 persons to start receiving donations.
1. Direct referrals (i.e one on one convincing) just as we are doing now.
2. Spillovers: If you register through this link http://icharity.club/member/register/?ref=infotechguru any spillover apart from my 5 persons shall automatically be paired under my downlines, which includes you. So you are sure getting back your investment with 400% profit on it.
3. Global Spillover: Yes there are global spillovers from participants from all over the world.  But I strongly advice, you refer your first 5 persons through your referral link. Any person you convince with this material handy, and becomes interested to register, you just give your referral link to the person.
Your business starts now! Start sharing the idea, you'll be surprised at people's response, then quickly come back and register and share your referral link to them, so as to minimize the risk of your N6,000 investment.
Join icharity club today! http://icharity.club/member/register/?ref=infotechguru and create a free account.
Click on 'User Account' and update your profile, and also click on 'Bank Accounts' and enter your bank details with which you shall receive donations. SIMPLE! You are good to go!

Click here http://icharity.club/member/register/?ref=infotechguru to go to the website and register an account.

Feel free to call me on 08137875458 or email address on: infotechguruslimitedempire@yahoo.com and infotechguruslimitedempiree@gmail.com  for any guidance and technical support.

icharity club is making ordinary people extraordinary, many lives have changed and many more are being changed. Don't stop this change from coming your way.
Grab this opportunity which is really amazing, it's new in Nigeria and is spreading really fast. Find time to look at it. I think this is absolutely a lot iCharity Club Nigeria Every Nigerian needs this. Its MEMBERS TO MEMBERS helping community.
Your life is about to experience positive change, and you are the one holding it.
Make that vital decision now!
Now when you join MY TEAM, You will benefit alot from MY TEAM because you will get some of my E-BOOKS FREE OF CHARGE, Yea i mean it, which means after MAKING N370,000 In DAYS with just investment of N7,400 you will still get some of my E-BOOKS FREE OF CHARGE  as BONUSES and this BONUSES are not just mere and unworthy  BONUSES but BONUSES that will you will benefit you alot both online and offline, BONUSES that will make your jobs very easier, BONUSES that will make you money online in other ways, JOIN MY TEAM now and let make MONEY together as a TEAM, JOIN MY TEAM now and get all these E-BOOKS FREE OF CHARGE as your BONUSES, to JOIN MY MY TEAM just use this link to register: http://icharity.club/member/register/?ref=infotechguru 

Now these are the E-BOOKS you will  get as BONUSES when you JOIN MY TEAM

1. Facebook Group Marketing Software: Enable you to Post Messages on Unlimited Groups, Search for Unlimited Groups by Keyword and Blast your Messages to the Groups
2. Website Search engine Submission Software (Enable you to Submit your Website to Popular Search engines)
3. Blog Generating Software (Enable you to Create Unlimited Blogs)
4. Mobile Marketing Software (Enable to run Unlimited Mobile Marketing Free)
5. 20 Free Online Marketing E-books and Materials
6. Packages on how to Browse the Internet Free on Mobile and PC
7. Over 50 Lucrative Online Business Ideas to Start with less than N5000.
8. Over 50 Business Ideas Package that will sell more in 2017.
10.   Nine Thousand Seven Hundred & Fifty  Eight (9,748) Facebook Groups.
11. Five Hundred & Seventy (570) Google Plus Communities.
12. Top Fifty (50) Mailing Sites.
13. Top Two Hundred & Fifty (250) Classified Ad Sites & Business Directories.
14. Top Forty (40) Article Submission Sites.
15. Zero Risk Betting System That Cranked Out sure wins On Semi Autopilot to You and A Few Other Serious Bettors.
16. Sure Win Banker (100%)
18. 17,000 GSM Business Owners In Surulere, Ikeja, Island & Amumo Odotin Lagos State.
19. Nigeria Job Seekers emails.
20. 880,000 active Working Class Emails addresses in Nigeria.
21. 500,000 active General Internet user’s emails addresses in Nigeria.
22. 20,000 active classified contacts of Co-operate executives in Nigeria.
23. Over 600,000 active Business details in Nigeria (Names, Phone Nos, & Emails).
24. Over 600,000 Active Emails addresses of online shoppers in Nigeria (those who buys stuffs regularly on JUMIA, KONGA, KAYMU, DEALDEY etc).
25.  50,000 active emails & phone numbers of top senior and co-operate executives in Nigeria.
26. High connected Individuals and Co-operate organization email address in Nigeria.
27. Premium Full Version Bulk Email Sender Software, This Software Will Enable You Send Out Emails To Your Entire List.

Again to join use this link to register: http://icharity.club/member/register/?ref=infotechguru and after that get back to me with the your USERNAME you used to register, your email address where i will send the BONUSES to and your number and send it to:  08137875458 and infotechguruslimitedempire@yahoo.com and infotechguruslimitedempiree@gmail.com. Be a MEMBER of my SUCCESSFUL TEAM, let’s work together, you make money and i make money and dont forget you will make N370,000 in few days and also get all these 28 MATERIALS FREE OF CHARGE.

For the last time, this is the link you will use to register: http://icharity.club/member/register/?ref=infotechguru and this is my number: 08137875458 and my emails contacts are: infotechguruslimitedempire@yahoo.com and infotechguruslimitedempiree@gmail.com.

For the Diagrams of this information visit: http://casheasyprofits.blogspot.ae/2016/12/turn-n6000-into-300000k-in-one-months.html

JOIN a SUCCESSFUL TEAM and start making cash in few days.

See you at the top.


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