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Author Topic: Trade Forex With Exscalper 1 Automated Trading Ea/robot 2014 Unlimited Edition  (Read 984 times)

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introducing automated forex robot exscalper 2014 unlimited edition.

Here's the thing...

Most trading robots do not work... Have you asked yourself WHY?

Because a software curve fitted to old data simply cannot stand the test of time!

Yes, Hypothetically tested Robots "would have" performed well on the day and time that is now gone... is HISTORY!

These robots look great on paper but when forward tested FAIL miserably...

..Fact is, that the market is constantly changing, a Robot software tuned to work in the past will not work today.

Most people are completely unaware of this fact and are losing money buying and funding these old tired out robots and EAs that only LOSE MONEY!

So, what makes Exscalper EA™ so different?

How about a Robot that was fine tuned to work with the current market?

What if this robot was so darn good that you could see results almost in an instant! ..On your very First Day of using it?

I am sure you would agree that such programmed sophisticated software is not only hard to find but more importantly it would COST an ARM or a LEG!

...this is exactly why we decided to put our money into research and launch this SUPER Software for the wise traders, called Exscalper ROBOT™.

This is 'the software' that almost Guarantees more More GREENS & Less REDs in your P&L!

WE want YOU to not just hear it from us but SEE & try it our for YOURSELF!

If you have been searching for something as good as this...

You've NOW found it!

We are Confident that Exscalper EA™will work Today, this Week, this Very Month and earn you Money like YOU have NEVER seen BEFORE...
Let me say this... IF there were really such a thing as a "CASH SCALPING"... THIS would be IT!

Exscalper™ was developed to deal with the Market today, and make YOU an account Full of Money!

With ZERO investment and no experience required... you can get started today using our Ea on a demo account - See for Yourself!

download YOUR Exscalper EA Today & Begin Attracting Money -- See Results in 5 days from Now...

Exscalper EA™ is for those who finally want to make some Money and stop their search for that perfect solution.
Getting the Right Robot Can Change Everything...

Here's what you need to get started today...

*YES, you can start with a Demo Account or $100 in any Metatrader platform.

*YES, you can make money WITHOUT any financial knowledge because the robot trades for you.

*YES, you can trade just one currency pair or as many currencies as you like!

*YES, you WILL see the MAGIC with Exscalper™

Exscalper™ is one of the finest currency trading robot available today.

We have rigorously tested our expert adviser and it has produced spectacular results every time!

Exscalper caters for all traders, start today and see results fast!

Finally, small Retail traders now have a chance to make some money from Forex.
so what else do you need when you have an EA that can

Auto trade

picking trades itself with integrated and programmed signal trigger.

Auto Close
Slippage amount tell the EA when to stop attempting to open a trade or close one in fast moving
market if initial price no longer available. 3 slippage means the EA is allowed to open trades within
3 pips from original quote.exscalper's function is not limit to autoclose trades and take profits at the right time.

Parameter setting for Exscalper EA once you get the ea,manual will be sent aswell
? SuperTrend.Period=10;
? SuperTrend.Multiplier=1.7;
? SuperTrend.TimeFrame=0;
? SuperTrend.AutoTF=True;
? LOT= 0.1 for broker account higher than 500; or 0.01 if your broker account is lower than 500dollars
? SL=20;
? TP=15;
Parameter setting for ATR Period. Default value is 10
Parameter setting for Multiplier. Default value is 1.7
Timeframe Setting. default value is 0, but you can change to M1,M5,M15 or 1H Timeframe
Select next higher TF. If current TF=M15 then H1 is selected
Please input your lot here. Default value is 0.1
Stop loss setting. Default value 20 point.
Take Profit setting. Default value 15 point.
This EA scalping in 1M, 5M Timeframe and recommend trade on following pairs : EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, CADUSD, NZDUSD, AUDUSD.

Read more how to get get this Ea Here

view backtest below on the new liteforex trading terminal with many green indicating profit

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make money with exscalper ea

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Hi, I have checked the provided resource which looks good for the trade Forex with exscalper but I already have trader which is working fine for me so, I can't join it but will share with anyone who is looking for a good trader.

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