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Author Topic: The Recommended Solution to Unemployment,Retrenchment & Retirement with joy  (Read 387 times)

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*In 1994 your friends told you not to invest in Amazon.*
In 1998 they said PayPal was a scam.
*In 2009 they told you Bitcoin was a scam.*
Are you still friends with that person?

In 2017 I am your friend...

I am telling you to invest in Helping Hands International and get connected.

NETWORKING is the future.

Nigeria is no longer funny...
Exchange rate is N420 to $1. Bank interest rate is 33%. Minimum wage is stuck at N18,000. Fuel price is N145. Kerosene sells at N220...

Jobs are being lost in hundreds of thousands... Even CBN alerted Nigerians that "We may soon stop paying Civil Servants."

Oh! Nigeria... Even Civil servants are no longer sure of their salary... Oil workers are being laid off... Banks are retrenching staff...Salaries are being delayed or slashed by the management due to economy recession...

Your uncle that promised you a job is not even sure of his own... Thousands of graduates are passing out every year from Universities, Polytechnics, College of Education to get which job?

Refuse to be a stay-at-home graduate. Subscribe to financial independence... It is not late to start now.? But you are to continue carry your file all about!

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