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« on: December 05, 2013, 06:40:54 PM »
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« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2014, 10:37:12 PM »
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register in this no referring,no downlines online cooperative website
with over 200million users  worldwide that just came in to nigeria

you can start with providing help of N1K, N2K up to N10K and get 30%
return after 30 days.

but if you start with providing help of  N11k to N100K you get a bonus
of $20 in addition to the 30% interest  you get as help after 30 days

If you provide help of N110K to N600K you get $50 bonus in addition to
the 30% interest you get as help after 30 days

if you provide help of N620K and above, you will get $100 bonus in
addition to the 30% interest on your capital after 30 days.

So with N200K you can earn N1m in six months if you keep providing
help and getting help with the compoundin
[21/05 18:05] eugyno1: MMM
--> Is a community where people provide  and  get help.
This Is not networking or investment but a community.
It started since for 2011 in other countries but lately in Nigeria and is in more than 200 countries running
--> It's a very simple program!!
We provide and Get help, and that is it!

--> You can try it out with 2000 naira for a month, to get practical knowledge.

--> After that, you can PH with whatever you can afford.

--> You earn 30% of every help you provide monthly. E.g you Provude Help of 2000 naira, you earn 2600 naira after a month. Simple! no bank will give u this yet they run on similar strategy.

--> You also have the option to provide help of your Principal Amount PLUS or minus interest again to earn another 30% after another 30 days.

--> So you can keep Providing and Getting help  every month to increase your earnings.

--> You don't need a single referral to earn!

--> But if you refer, you earn 10% direct referral bonuses.. E.g if you refer someone that Provides help of 20,000 naira,  you earn 2,000 naira straight.

--> Your referral bonuses also  earn 30% on it monthly.

--> In MMM, we don't have a central company account, so all transactions are direct between members!! You pay directly to someone's account when you provide help and get an order.. The same happens when you get help too.. People pay directly to your own account directly.
--> So its a win-win platform.

Remember this too:-
For every PH donation within this below range, you get a one-time registration bonus...

11,000naira to 109,780naira - $20 bonus

110,000naira to 659,780naira - $50 bonus

It does not collect your money up front !!!

It pays you directly to your bank account!!!

Join the Community of Providing and Getting Help.

How does MMM generate 30% to pay participants?

This is a question that can never stop being asked. I have tried explaining this severally BUT its like "magic" to so many. I understand everyone's fears that's why I will break it all down further mathematically below.

Let's say,

100 donations came in from 100 participants @2,000naira each = 200,000naira

In order for the 100 donations to be paid their 30%, that means 60,000naira extra donations must come in.

The BIG QUESTION is then how?

Here it is:-
The 60,000naira wld come in through:-

(1.) Regular GH and re-PH from the 100 donations done by the participants.

Here is d maths:-
50 participants GH all their earnings + Principal donation = 130,000naira.

Total left over PH balance = 70,000naira

The remaining 50 then needs 60,000naira to get their own 130,000naira paid too.

The first 50 paid 130,000naira total then re-PH back their 100,000naira (maybe keeping back their total profit of 30,000naira)

That then adds up to the 70,000naira available to pay the 50 participants left (130,000naira).

++ So, the cycle continues on and on for as long as the principle of Regular GH and re-PH remains!!! +++

This is just d same Principle Banks work with. That is why it is possible for just a deposit to serve 10 - 20 withdrawals.

And they pay you little interests for using your money to keep the redistribution process going!!

Don't come and do "Hit and Run" - The one u GH'ed and ran away with will soon finish and u will have to start all over again when coming back!! Why not just relax and earn for a longer period.

So whether new donations comes in OR not, the process of providing and getting help can continue for as long as all participants knows the whole process depends on their actions or inactions!!!


(2.) New donations coming in through participants referring others to the community. This keeps the system consistently growing!! Every business (offline/online) needs new sales to survive..

Yes - MMM provides NO Guarantee and we all donate ONLY our "Spare Money"

BUT sincerely it can go on for as long as we all want since we all make the Community what it is!!

Always remember that in MMM there is

++ No Company Account!! Mavrodi can't wake up one day and ghost off with the money since we are not paying to his account.

++ You bank account/bitcoin wallet is MMM's account.

MMM's strength is the IDEOLOGY above that I broke down mathematically!!!

We are the Community!


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