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I was elected President to spread wealth, not poverty – Jonathan
(Today Vanguard 25th October 2016)

*“I once said that I was not elected President of Nigeria to spread poverty; I was elected to generate and spread wealth.” “My belief in this regard is that getting a job or being a worker cannot completely cure the disease of poverty. It is only your own business that can provide such security and give you the financial freedom you need to prosper.”*

So even our learned Ex President knows that your Job is not enough, and want Nigerians to have their own business; yet you are still procrastinating on joining Helping Hands. You can as well continue while we move ahead. We'll definitely meet in few months or years time, and we will ask ourselves how far!!!
there is no such thing as *unemployment*,

we just have bunch of individuals who don't wanna work.

The true definition of unemployment is *lazy thinking*

When you are unemployed it means you are not thinking hard enough, in other words you are lazy in your thinking.

Government can not provide job for everybody.

Some people are born naturally to be employer, now the question is

" if an employer is looking for a job who will employ him/her "?

The answer is

Wake up and start doing something!!!!!

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