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It is a pity that online/offline scamming continues unabated in Nigeria. Infact, it is getting to alarming rate to the extent that most people dread buying information products, software or any other materials from the Info-marketers. Anyway, there is a solution at hand now against all these scammers and dubious internet marketers although not all are like that.

As a suggestion, whenever anybody introduces any product on the forum, ask him/her to go and sell it through this site: productspartnersellers.com where the buyers (and the sellers alike) are adequately protected including their 30-day refund guarantee and then you will buy from him/her through them, you will see that if the product he/she wants to sell is worthless or outdated, he/she would never like to do so thereby you are saved from being cooned. Further more, if his/her intention is to collect your money and RUN without delivering the products you paid for, he/she will not dare to do so, therefore you will be saved from being scammed of your precious resources.

On this site, the Sellers'(marketers) money is never released until after 30 days if there is no complaints from any buyer within that period. If there is, the buyer's money shall be refunded unless the marketer is ready to change or update such products. This also force the marketer to SEND the products paid for by the buyers. These give the buyers the rest of mind, confidence and assurance that whatever you shall buy can never be a trash and also, that you will not lose your hard-earn money just like that to those faceless internet rogues.

Also, the site's Administrator believes that information products, software and other products should not cost fortunes, therefore you can get product as low as N600 or even less on their site.

With this little advice, if you don't ignore these warnings and guidance, you will never fall into the hands of these hit and run lazy fellows that are out to suck people of their precious resources.

God's favour to all forumites.

Have a nice day ahead.


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