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Author Topic: Post Adverts on 100,000 Facebook Groups daily on Facebook Automation Software  (Read 129 times)

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Drive Massive Free Traffic to your Website, Blog, Shopping Site, Forum, etc, using Facebook Autopilot Marketing Software

Do you want to Add over 50,000 Members to your Facebook Group?
Do you want to Post your Adverts to over 10,000 Facebook Groups or Page?

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1. Download the Software in 2min
2. Install and Search for Thousands of Facebook Groups or Facebook Pages
3. Upload your Adverts Contents with images and Links to your website or Blog
4. Adverts start Posting to Thousands of Facebook Groups or Pages on Automation

1. Adverts will continue Posting even when system is shutdow or while offline or away
2. Adverts can Post to over 10,000 Facebook Page

3. Automatically Search and Join over 1000 Facebook Groups or Pages in less than 1hour

4. Search Facebook Groups or Pages by Country, Categories, etc

5. Send Bulk Private Messages to all your Friends

6. Send Bulk Private Messages to all your Members

7. Tag all Friends at once

8. Add Bulk Facebook Members to Facebook Groups or Page

9. Delete Multiple Friends or Members at once

10. Display Adverts on All Friends wall



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