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Author Topic: Online Businesses You Should Look At In 2011!  (Read 2923 times)

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Online Businesses You Should Look At In 2011!
« on: January 09, 2011, 09:58:18 PM »
Hello Gurus,

It has been my custom to tell you some online businesses you should invest your time, energy and money into and get profound result.

This year 2011, I’ll be showing some businesses that caught my attention in 2010 which I will be doing myself in 2011.

But before I proceed, let me give you a warning. Online business is the same as offline business. The only difference is that it’s easier, cheaper and faster to start online business as against offline business.

However, you still need the same business-mindset and approach to succeed on both platforms. It’s NOT a get-rich-quick kind of. You have to work your way up.

To succeed online, there are things I would like you to do and they are:

a. Think long-term and focus on one business at a time. When you master it, get to another.

b. Develop a plan for your online business. Ask yourself, where would my online business be in the next 5years?

c. Invest in yourself. Don’t stop learning. Learn more about your business.

d. Develop strong integrity. Be honest and sincere in your dealings.

e. Since you’re selling something, learn everything you need to know about marketing online. Learn the emotional and psychological push that makes people trust you and do business with you.

f. The list is endless. Get more for yourself.  Read my article on this by clicking Here.

Now, let’s get back to Internet Businesses am willing to do in 2011.

1. Adsense Farm

Some years ago, Google Adsense was the in-thing. Everybody talks about it. People made lots of money through it and later it died down.

However, in 2010 (mid-2010), Nigerians started earning heavily from adsense. It was as a result of Google creating what they called Adsense on Domains. I know some Gurus who made like 1000 – 3000 dollars monthly through this.

In fact, when I started hearing about it myself, I did some research and made 1000euros in 2weeks. It was something un-imaginable and this year, am looking at doing adsense business by creating an Adsense Farm.

What do I mean by Adsense Farm?

It is just using high-paying adsense keywords to create lots of autoblogs that earns money through adsense promotion.

I have done a prototype in 2010 where I got like 100 – 400 visits daily without any promotion. And also, I got like 5 – 10 clicks daily on that autoblog.

So, if I create autoblogs with high-paying keywords, I might be earning like 2 – 50dollars daily on just one blog. Assuming I have 30 of them, it means 60 – 1500 daily through adsense.

Now, is it possible? Yes, it’s. I have secured 3,600 high-paying adsense keywords for this purpose. The least of those keywords pays 5dollars per click while the highest pays 200dollars per click.

Based on this, you need to learn how to do quality autoblog farms with adsense; how to submit your autoblogs to search engines and how to get high-paying adense keywords.

Adsense farm is a money spinner that can help you make 300 – 5000dollars monthly. Think about it.

2. CPA Marketing

This one is diamond mine on its own. CPA Marketing is a type of affiliate marketing where you are paid for sending leads for big firms. It is simply put as Cost Per Action.

Have you seen an online advert where you were asked to enter you data to get a free dvd machine before? If yes, that is CPA marketing in action.

If you enter your data, the affiliate that sent you there must have earned between 2 and 50dollars for such purpose.

This year, I have perfected plans to go into it big time coz one of my Gurus is making millions here in Nigeria with it. He told me personally that he has stopped every other business to pursue CPA marketing and he is doing great with it.

So, I would like you to study CPA marketing vigorously. If you noticed in my Christmas Gift of 2010, I gave a free gift on CPA Marketing. It was from Saj P – A Guru in CPA Marketing from India.

If you didn’t see my Christmas Gift, then click HERE.

3. Affiliate Marketing Through Amazon

Whenever affiliate marketing is written or mentioned, people will ONLY think of ClickBank. But ClickBank is not the only firm that offers affiliate marketing. Most online firms do it and one of them is Amazon.com

Why am I telling you about Amazon.com?

No matter what you are told, people buy more physical products that digital version. For example, in the last 10years, ClickBank has not paid their affiliates up to 2billion dollars. However, in 2009 alone, Amazon.com paid their affiliates 9billion dollars.

The figures should tell you something. People buy lots of physical products and folks are making good money promoting them online.

Now, your job is to learn how to do it; how to get high-in-demand costly products that pay high commission; and other stuff. I recommend you get this ProfitZon for yourself and learn Amazon affiliate marketing. Click Here to get it.

4.  Developing Useful Skills and Sell Them Online

Right now, there is high demand for skills online. Guys and gals in India and Philippines are making great money through outsourcing services.

Do you notice that web designers are high in demand these days? What of graphic designers? Then, copywriters? Do you know how to generate lots of traffic whether PPC (Pay Per Click) or free traffic? Are you a programmer? Just name it. They are high in demand these days.

Why not develop good skills and sell them online? You can start with Fiverr.com and Zeerk.com.

I just remember I wrote an article last year about it. Click Here to read it.

5. Info Marketing and Publishing

This online business is really HOT but people don’t understand how to go about it. Whenever we talk about info marketing and publishing, the thing that comes to the minds of people is: “How To Make Money Online”.

Let me tell you, info marketing and publishing is more than that. This year, focus on teaching people how to use FaceBook, Twitter, ClickBank, cpanel. Write about how to solve problems in marriages, relationships, health, academics, etc and make money for years to come on just one info package.

Do videos and sell them. Get grounded and do seminars/workshops, etc. There are some many things to do with info marketing and publishing.

However, I will recommend that you learn how to write good sales letter; how drive both paid and free traffic; and how to do successful marketing online.

Get grounded and move on to cash into this multi-million dollar online business empire.

6. Discover Others

There are other online businesses you can profit from this year. Do keep your ears to the ground.

But I will tell you the sincere truth now. You need to be ACTION-oriented to get good results. You need to be FOCUSED. You need to be thinking long-term. You need to work your way to the top.

Forget about making-millions-in-few-months-syndrome and FOCUS on what are doing. With time, millions will start coming.

May God bless you richly this year!

Take care!

I’m committed to your success,

Ken Nwankwo
(The Gurus’ Guru)

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Re: Online Businesses You Should Look At In 2011!
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2011, 06:43:20 AM »

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Re: Online Businesses You Should Look At In 2011!
« Reply #2 on: January 26, 2012, 02:12:03 PM »
Really nice & I know this will carry on till the end of 2012
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