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Author Topic: LET YOUR MONEY WORK FOR YOU  (Read 784 times)

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« on: June 10, 2015, 02:43:52 AM »
What can i get with #6500?
It can buy me a nice pairs of jeans and a good top or somethings else nice. Many things i can do with this amount. But there benefits are just plesurable and last for only a short while.

But i can not eat up every cash all in the name of pleasure and fashion... just to show off.
I can invest that #6500 just for a moment and it yields for a lifetime.

With #6500 i can buy into my future. Just once in a lifetime payment of #6500 into partnering with an international NGO. I stand the chance of qualifying for a laptop, ipad, car, intl trip and many more benefits. All these are achievable in just one month.

I partner with the NGO through the help of a sponsor by paying just #6500 for registration and my data documention. A website is created for me, a username and password. With this website, i can monitor and withdraw my earnings.
As a registered partner, any friend or family member i refer to the NGO, i automatically earn #1320 into my wallet. But i have many friends, family members, belong to many chat groups, facebook friends and groups, clubs, associations and so if i can refer ten persons and they register that means #1320*10=#13200...that is nice cash just within 24hours. What if i try and keep the same figure for one month? Enof doo!

Based on my number of referrals, i can qualify for a laptop, ipad, car or even a trip to Dubai...all expense paid by the NGO.

No products to hawk or sell
No marketing of whatsoever
No other financial obligation
No condition for withdrawal
Cash incentives:$1200, $3000, $6000 as you increase your team
Skills acquisition programs
Internatiinal trips and exposure

Register online:
Through a Sponsor, (sponsor id: 3a) or at a seminar location nearest to your state and city in Nigeria

More info/Seminar/Business meeting location nearest to your city  call/sms/or whatapp:
PS.there is nothing as free money on the Internet you have to work for it.
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