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The same number of you most likely definitely know, doing visual computerization, and doing visual communication particularly for shirt printing can be two entirely unexpected brutes. Have you at any point worked amazingly hard for extend periods of time on a shirt outline for yourself or a customer, just to have the printer reveal to you that your plan won't work for t shirt plus? This issue isn't that extraordinary and I might want to furnish you with a couple of simple tips on the best way to set up your craftsmanship for imprinting on shirts. And these tips can be a great for your sublimation printing company.
1.   Utilize eye catching Colors in Your Artwork
You may regularly do work of art in RGB and CMYK shading modes, however to guarantee the most exact hues with a silk screener, unquestionably utilize PMS (Pantone Matching System) hues in your fine art. This additionally makes the shading partitions a great deal less demanding and more precise. Here is a connection on how to work with Pantone in Illustrator.
2.   Change over All of Your Text to Outlines
Now and again your craftsmanship may require an extremely darken text style or possibly a hand crafted textual style. When sending your fine art off for print, the exact opposite thing you need to see is a substituted textual style in your outline. By changing over the content to traces, any PC that opens the work of art will see the content as a picture. In this manner, no substitutions will be made. To change over content to diagrams right tap on the content with the choice apparatus and afterward click Create Outlines.
3.   Make Your Artwork at Actual Size
Try not to confide in the printer's judgment without talking about it with them first on the grounds that the vision you have of the finished result can be altogether different than what the printer has accepted as your vision. The most secure approach to protect yourself in this circumstance is to make the work of art in its last size. Don't know what measure you need to utilize? Slap a ruler to the shirt you are wearing. Sounds basic, yet it works.
4.   Utilize unique Artwork As Much As Possible
It makes shading partitions less demanding and the print turns out cleaner in the little points of interest. This is a general lead for the ordinary employments and not a programmed in all circumstances.
5.   Grow Your Strokes
On the off chance that you have legitimately set the greater part of your hues to PMS swatches, at that point the shading detachments programming will have no issue. This is even more a human mistake that happens on the grounds that occasionally strokes are neglected. I put this tip

6.   Set Your Half-Tones with PMS Colors
Here and there your outline or potentially spending plan may require the utilization of halftones to save money on the measure of hues printed. The most ideal approach to do this is to slide the shading downsize to a level of the PMS shading. The shading detachments programming utilized by the printer should deal with the rest.

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