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From the time we wake up, till the time we sleep, we are constantly engrossed or rather trapped by some aspect of technology in day-to-day life. Most of us either check our e-mails, text messages, social media or the online news as soon as we wake up. In fact, I am sure, most of us even watch some television while we enjoy our daily breakfast. Recent studies have indicated towards these technological advances having a negative impact on the sexual life of both men as well as women. In men, technology can have a negative impact on the health and could lead to sexual health problems such as erectile dysfunction (ED), also known as male impotency.

We all use laptops, day in and day out, whether at our offices, couch or in the bed, either to watch a movie, a TV show or just for work. But, there have been a wide range of studies in the recent months which have indicated that using laptops daily can lead to reduction in the sperm count in men and other sexual health complications. Men who use laptops, keeping on their laps have a huge impact on the sperm quality. Researchers have opined that direct exposure towards laptop’s radiation can have a huge negative impact on the chances of reproduction.

There are several studies which are indicating towards impotence in men who work more from home rather than offices. It is said that men who work from home have more increased stress and anxiety levels compared to men who work from offices. Partly, it is attributed towards the low quality of social life/interactions that men have when they work from home in comparison to one who works from an office. This stress and anxiety could lead to erectile dysfunction in men. Therefore, think again if you want to work from home or from an office and their impacts on the sexual lives of women.

In the olden days, or should we refer to it as golden days, going to bed would only mean two things, sleep or sex. These days, it is often seen that people wind up in bed and still continue to either watch something or work on their laptops or smartphones. This way there is hardly an chance for intimacy in bed and this could lead to less interest for a person in their sexual life. Low interest in sexual life could lead to erectile dysfunction problems in men, worldwide. So, next time you head or hop into your bed, it would be best to keep your laptops and smartphones aside and rather enjoy sexual or a romantic session in bed.

More computer, laptop and smartphone usage, is an indication towards less time spent with your partner. These issues can be solved by just taking some easy steps. Men who know that their problems, could try and reduce their time on computers, phones, laptops, especially before going to bed. Others can start making a conscious effort in doing so as well. In case the problem is too serious, you might consider meeting your doctor and discussing the problem with them. Medications like Generic Sildenafil, Kamagra, Cialis Generic etc to improve the problem of erectile dysfunction are widely available these days. The doctor would be the best person to advice on which ED medication would be the best for you and what dose regime you should follow.

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