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 wholesale Plus Size Lingerie This isn't happening: Scott found the news that he was to be a father again, difficult to take  

Not happy: Scott found Kourtney's news hard to handle

She then told him she had suspected she was pregnant since March.

'This is ridiculous. It is always so sneaky with you. You need to stop lying to me,' Scott complained. 'You just keep suckering me into these kids.'  

Later, he told the cameras: 'This ain't good. One of my biggest annoyances with Kourtney is that she has not been honest with me, she has know about this for weeks.

'I just kind of thought that at two we did not want to have any more kids and now I have to look after three. Just saying it is freaking me out.'

Kourtney suffered bad morning sickness while Scott broke the pregnancy news to Khloe.

Confidante: Scott spoke to Khloe about his fears in bringing another child into the world

A listening ear: Khloe first learned of the pregnancy from Scott but revealed she felt in an 'awkward position'

I just can't take care of more kids: Scott expressed his worries to Khloe

'I barely feel like I can take care of myself, I am hanging on by a string here. If we lived in Oklahoma and didn't travel then fine. But travelling all the time and airplanes, that is when it gets hard,' he lamented.

Kourtney then told Kim she was pregnant and the sisters pranked Kris by telling her Kim was the pregnant one before revealing the truth.

Still trying to cope with the deaths of both his parents within months of each other, along with the pregancy news, Scott went missing after a trip to Mexico.

Kourtney said her husband arrived back in the U.S and told her he was going out for dinner with a friend but never showed up back at their house.

No Scott: Kourtney began to worry when her partner did not return home from Mexico

Calling on Khloe: Kourtney called her younger sibling for advice when Scott didn't return home

Intimate chat: Scott apologised for his behaviour, saying he wanted to escape from reality

When he eventually arrived home the next day he got stern words from his wife.

'I am glad you are home safe but it is not okay, you have got a family. You can't just say you have landed and then not contact us, that is crazy,' said Kourtney.

'I kept checking your room literally thinking you were dead.'

Scott admitted to the cameras that his behaviour was not good enough but tried to justify it anyway.

'I definitely feel horrible for putting Kourtney through a rough time when she is pregnant but I did not want to get back to reality.

'I did not want to face anybody, there is a lot on me right now, especially given what I have dealt with in the last year. I should have made a responsible decision but I didn't.'

Feeling rough: Kourtney felt a bit queasy in the early stages of her pregnancy

Me and my girl: Scott accepted his life would be enhanced by another baby

After complaining to everyone he told, Scott eventually came around to the idea of a third child.

'I am scared, yes, but God willing like every other child I have had they will be an amazing blessing in my life. I need to relax and enjoy the third time around,' Scott admitted.

Kourtney then told her mom that she felt Scott needed to go away to a rehab center to work on his issues.

'I am not sure if Scott has an issue with alcohol or if he is using it to numb his depression rom losing both of his parents,' she said.

But instead of that Kourtney decided to rent a home in the ritzy Hamptons for the whole summer, where Scott had spent time growing up.

Is Kim pregnant? Kourtney and her sister pranked their mother, until Kourtney admitted she was the one expecting

It's me: However, Kim said she was 'in a hurry' to have another baby after the wedding

Scott did not like the idea of spending time there so soon after the death of his parents.But after some consideration agreed it would be good for their family to do.

Meanwhile, Kylie's newly dyed blue hair got a strong reaction from Kris, while Kim urged Bruce to get rid of the ponytail before the big day.

'Not one eye is going to be on me, they are all going to be on you and your dress,' said Bruce as he fought his corner.

'I think Bruce looks really handsome when his hair is cut short and it is my wedding and I want him to look his best and from a popular vote I have heard that he looks better without the pony tail,' Kim said to the cameras.

Keeping it blue: Kim was apparently concerned about Kylie's blue hair on her wedding day

Bruce insisted he would look 'Malibu good' for Kim on her wedding day as he stopped short of promising to lop off the offending style.

Kim then spoke to Bruce about the tension with Brody.

'I didn't want to say it in front of Mom because it'll hurt her feelings but I think Brody's upset because you and Mom paid for Brandon and [his wife] Leah,' Kim said, taking Bruce by the arm.

'Brody can get a little huffy at times,' Bruce agreed.

'I know but I think he'll only listen to you and he asked to bring his girlfriend [model Kaitlynn Carter] and I said "no", Kim continued.

For the chop: Bruce insisted he would look 'Malibu good' for Kim's wedding and would not get rid of his long hair

A quiet word: Kim expressed her concern about Brody to Bruce

Unhappy: Kim told Bruce that Brody has been saying that 'my mom is favouring Brandon and Leah'

'Obviously that's not going to happen,' agreed Bruce.

'Once you get there you'll see the limitation of what I'm talking about so I feel bad,' Kim added.

'Brody has been saying that my mom is favouring Brandon and Leah and I just think this shouldn't be my mom's problem,' Kim said to the camera.

Kim then told Bruce she was at her 'snapping point' and wanted him to speak to Brody who had been 'Talking s**t' about Kris Jenner and clear-up the situation.

'My mom is always made out to be this evil step mom and never tries and never does anything, when she is the one who has bent over backwards for everyone. Everyone better get over their issues as I don't have time for it and I'm not going to sit back and let anyone talk s**t about my mum.

Come to Paris: Bruce tried to persuade son Brody to come to Kim's wedding

Unimpressed: Brody says he was looking forward to having a weekend off and did not want to go to the nuptials

'She has got the short end of the stick for years and everyone has disliked her when all she is doing is helping. I am at the point when I will go the f**k off on him.'

Kim also complained to her sisters about her step-brother.

'Brandon and Leah have been the most supportive ever of my mum and Bruce and their split and love to do all the things that Bruce wants to do,' explained Kim.

She added that Bruce and Kris wanted to pay for Brandon and Leah to attend so that Bruce would have a good time at the wedding.

'It is time that everyone grows up and Bruce needs to talk to his own son,' said an annoyed Kim.

Paddling: Kris went paddle boarding with her stepson Brandon

How it's done: Brandon led the way while Kris put her wetsuit on backwards

Beach side: Bruce didn't join his estranged wife on the board

Bruce tried to patch things over by dropping in on Brody, to talk to him about Kim's wedding and urged him to go so the pair could spend time together in Paris

'I am fine. Life goes on,' Brody told his father and he insisted he would not be attending.

In comparison, the good relationship between Kris and Brandon was evidentwhen the matriarch went paddle boarding with him in Malibu although it  did not take her long to make her first mistake as she hit the beach with her wetsuit on backwards.

Kim eventually told Kris Jenner about the problem with Brody.

Kris said she was just trying to be 'an amazing' step-mother and that it was a 'crazy' reason for Brody to blow-off Kim's wedding.

As the episode closed,  Kim - and her nine suitcases - finally left for Paris for her wedding to Kanye West.

Here comes the bride: The end of the episode shows a glimpse of Kim walking to the aisle at her Florence wedding to Kanye West

This episode of KUWTK is coming to the UK September 21st

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