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January 16, 2017, 09:07:43 AM by Abiolagbode in Mmmexpress Is Giving Out 300usd To Newly Registered Users + 150% In 15days

   You didn't believe it, but we made it!

    January 20th MMM.EXPRESS will celebrate 1 month online! That means we are paying you 30 days in a row!

    So, because of our birthday we will give away some presents.

    Starting from January 16th and till January 22nd (Universal Time Coordinated)
    1. 100USD will be given to new registered users who register during that period will get additional bonus from us!

    2. 200USD for highest PH during that period will get additional bonus from us!

    3. 300USD for people with the biggest amount of referral commission earned during that period will get additional bonus from us!

    Those 3 categories additional 20 USD each
    Register here https://mmm.express/?ref=3fe952d831a

    MMM Express | 2017 — Official Website

    All you need to do - Register https://mmm.express/?ref=3fe952d831a with mmmexpress, PH as much as you can afford, get as much referral commission as you can between Jan. 16th - Jan. 22nd. If you will be in a TOP-10 you will get a Birthday bonus from us.

    What you need to know about us, we pay 150% in 15days​

    Celebrate birthday with us!

    #Guider Abiolagbode
    1m+ Guider

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