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« on: April 11, 2013, 05:26:39 PM »
Good Day people, I told Ken about this and he said I should post it here:

Some months back, Chibuzor put an advert on for free mobile dstv and he was using that for pple to opt in to his mailing list and he did the advert like he was the only one with the software,little did I know at the time that he was just setting a trap for people to scam them in the long run as pple like free things.
So after subscribing, he sent the application and it was ok,(I later found the exact software on Sharemobile and

So like most internet marketers,he run some other ads and shared some information to make people believe he was genuine. Then later he started a site and put pictures of laptops,ipads and other gadgets that he said he was selling,and the items were at riduculous prices that I did not know were fake at the time.The initial site he used was but he later changed the domain,the current site he is using is

Now I read a book written on importation from Aliexpress by Onome Maureen later on and I discovered that the images of the gadgets that he used on his site were copied pictures of the ones at Aliexpress &

I, like many other innocent Nigerians, were unsuspecting of him and thought that he was a genuine importer and Im even a part of his mailing list. (I can forward the messages Ive received from him to you or eaven give you my email details so you can see them for yourself).

Like I said, I had been getting messages and ads on the products like from other marketers but I did not participate then, due to lack of funds. Some weeks back, A friend of mine Wale, came across the site and products, and he told me about it, I said I already knew about it and was on his list, so we navigated the site, (blog design) and we saw the numerous comments of people who said they were satisfied and had got their items from all parts of the country and even someone from ghana, so Wale got his details and called him, he sounded like those professional businessmen you see on Tv and Wale was given the bank details and he ordered a Hp mini laptop for ?10,000 from Chibuzor Eze, (his corporate name is Chibiz Limited) and unfortunately for us, we have not heard from him since that day and whenever we call, the phone is unavailable or switched off which made me realize that he has changed his number.

At that point, I knew we had been scammed and we had cried about it but consoled ourselves that it was no use crying over spilt milk and so I knew I had to pay Wale back but things are hard and I have still not completed the repayment. Hence I took it upon myself to research on Chibuzor to discover anything about him I could use to prevent other Nigerians from falling into such predicament so I explored a lot of search engines and I came across various comments about him, one of which was a thread on in which the poster was literally shedding tears as he posted what happened to him, then I discovered we were not alone as I encountered different victims online who said they had been scammed of ?20,000 ,?30000 ,?50000 even up to ?100,000 and sadly this was when it dawned on me that Chibuzor was an unrepentant scammer and most people even prayed for him to be jailed for decades.
I even got some pictures of bank drafts and statements of people and someone said that if they closed down one of his bank accounts, another bank branch will reopen it (which I don't know how true it is) and someone else said he has multiple bank accounts in different regions.

Also in his mailing list details, he put Ikeja, Lagos whereas in the Contact-us link in the site, it is put at Asaba, Delta and this makes it difficult to pinpoint his exact location and on Nairaland he even boasted that the poster had done his worst and that he(Chibuzor) would never get caught and even mocked the poster to report him to the EFCC.

The worse fact People is that as I type this message to you, some innocent Nigerians are getting scammed somewhere this very m in our country by this fiend and a lot of people are crying out everyday with nothing being done to salvage the situation.
Its no wonder, some weeks back, I introduced some people to Ken's Liberty exchange program but they told me that all online businesses are scams and even though I know thats not the case, I can't blame them because of some unscrupulous people like Chibuzor who are only out to scam unsuspecting Nigerians and make good people who really want to help like you look bad.

Now I know that I or many other people may not be able to recover our money but God sees all and knows all, I pray He watches over us and give us strength in trying times.
Please I can only ask that you spread the information to as many people as possible to prevent people from falling into this situation, just think if it were your family, crying and going through hardships, you won't be happy.
God bless you abundantly as you share this info.

« on: January 24, 2013, 07:54:32 PM »


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