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I use it to verified my foreign account. I can shop anywhere around the globe without disclosing my identity.Very informative.Ken I love you.

Dear Friends,
If you know that you can read,write and check your email daily or you have not secure a job in an organization. I will advise you to join information marketing business because is a lucrative career for those who can dare it and if you believe go on and you can never regret it. 

There are many ways to receive your check here in Nigeria. If you have a USA Bank account, you will just instruct Google to send the money to your US bank account and your bank will remit the  money within three or four business day in your local bank account when you request.

Information Marketing / Why Many Internet Marketers Fail?
« on: April 19, 2012, 09:11:49 AM »
Dear Aspiring Online Entrepreneur,

A lot of people have given a lot of their time and effort into this online marketing venture and have failed along the line. The reason is because they may be doing the right thing but they are not very focused and patient enough to wait till their business becomes profitable.

Many people jumps from one program to the next and continue to buy the latest program and opportunity, forgetting that it takes enough effort and dedication to make any business work.

Others are not nurturing and building an email list for the purpose of selling to them again and again.

Other reasons, may include, those who do not have enough time to dedicate to their business or do the work that will result in a positive business growth. Some even believe that once they attend a workshop or buy an opportunity that money will magically start coming into their account without doing anything.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. The truth of the matter is it is not as easy as people paint Internet marketing. It takes a lot of hardwork, dedication, and a sense of purpose.

You need to work hard at setting your online business up, create product, drive traffic to it, and market it before you can start seeing sales of any type. That is why I do not believe that anyone can  work one hour everyday on his Internet business and continue to make a good income.

The people, who have that luxury, are established Internet marketers who already have an automated business they have placed online as a money maker.

As a starter, you must pay the ultimate price. You must work hard and learn a lot of marketing before you start seeing profits. Part of what you are learning is studying this very material. Doing that very well will help you to successfully establish your business online and make you a handsome income each and every month.

If you really want to know how to make money online at least $300 monthly with only your email address,phone number and your bank account as a collector while can't we meet at the other side.

Information Marketing / How To Make N130k Per Every Single Month From Home?
« on: September 16, 2011, 01:20:36 PM »
Anybody Can Do It! You, Your Maid, Even Your Old Auntie!

This business model can make you an extra N130,000 every single month.
I work from home and you too can to it because I will open all the
secret methods for you all...! A business you can start in next 24 hours!

Now You truly owe it to yourself to read every line, because by the
time you reach the end of this letter, I guarantee that you will easily knows more than 90-95% of the
Internet population knows about what it takes to succeed in Internet Marketing....

So hurry up and click here http://tinyurl.com/62fb36g to get all the information or you can copy the link and paste it in your web browser.

Dear Friends,
I want to use these opportunity to let anyone interested to take his/her adsense business to another level to read from the beginning of these article to the last because is a free information most online marketers will even sell for you for a token but you will get the ideas for free.

Google Adsense business is a great way to earn money online if you are still struggling to know how to make some cash online. Many at times webmasters are still doubting that is a must you must have a website or blog before you can apply for adsense business. My answer to these question is absolutely "NO".

You can get started with Google adsense business without a website or blog and still make some money from it if you remain focus and dedication. I want to show you a secret guided steps you can take to get accepted into adsense business right away by visiting www.home-cash-tips.blogspot. com and in that site I have explained everything in details on how you can get accepted into adsense business without a website or blog.

Thanks for reading. .

Hello Friends,

Share profit with MTN,GLO,ZAIN And ETISALAT Networks etc. As Subscribers Roll Out Cash Daily From GSM Short Code.

So What is it all about?

I myself call it GSM Short Code, have you ever receive a message form either any of your service providers such as  (MTN,GLO,ZAIN,STARCOMS,ETISALAT) or from somewhere else introducing an offer to you and asking you to send your reply
to a particular short set of numbers e,g. (33458)

For example: Mr.  Metu received a message that look like this:

"Thrill ur callers with Hot Tunez! Gbamu Gbamu by 9ice Text 0113367 to 337458, Free Madness by Terry G, Text  0011464 to 337458, Implication by 2face Text 011338 to 337458. SMS cost N50"

Do you know the owner of the short code that you actually send the reply to with the N50 that was deducted from your account? And as many people the owner of the short code send the message to the  more he his gaining N50 from each person that respond to the text and it keep accumulating like that till it form a whole lots of money.

You are guarantee N50,000 monthly or more if you serious.

 Cheer these information to your friends, well wishers who can benefit from these valued and tested information. For more information and update visit www.phonecashmaker.blogspot.com

Dear Friends,

Do you have liberty reserve account. If yes congrats because you will
find it very useful to you if there is little  fund on it. If you do not
have liberty reserve account go to their website at www.libertyreserve.com
and open an account with them is free.

Now there is one thing I would like to show you if you are serious on how to
make $5 every four working days pure profit with only $5 investment in
your liberty account .

If you like to increase your investment fee  is up to you
because I suggest for you to start with $5 investment when you earn
your profit you can withdraw it and re-invest higher for more income.

The more you invest the more you earn but start from little because
with that $5  in 30 working days am sure of $100 in your liberty reserve account guarantee!


If you are interested to know more on how to turn $5 to $100 liberty reserve account in 30 days.

 Fill free to call me on 08065835449 or email me at metuonlinebiz@gmail.com

Thanks from

Dear Friends,

Who else desires a unique University education? You can even have it abroad free of charge only if you know what to do, these opportunities are available for both undergraduate and advanced degree applicants.

If you are interested in traveling abroad, read this letter before you pay hundreds of thousands of naira for that visa racket again.

Metusela Concept is a do it yourself Guide to securing Admission into extremely low and tuition FREE Universities in Europe!

"Live .Work and Study Abroad: A Step-by-Step Guide"  Visit www.studyabroad-metu.blogspot.com

What you will gain from the 45 page E-book includes:

List of over 30 Universities in Europe where tuition is free

List of over 150 Universities in Europe where you pay 500 EUR as tuition fee so why paying 7,500 GPB 0r 9,000 USD for the same quality of Education elsewhere.

You will discover the best time to apply and why many people did not get a study place

You will know the right timing for your applications and you can apply to several schools in different countries to maximize your potentials

You will always get first hand information about various world class universities in Europe

Will discover the step-by-step- guide to self process your application

You will learn how to do it right that your application will never be  rejected

You will learn how postgraduate applicants can beat the transcript headache from their schools in Nigeria, during this era of ASUU strike resurface

You will learn how to self process your application at zero cost

And why you must not pay anybody to process if for you

Remember, get a copy of this E-book today and discover that nobody is super human, as the only difference between few people  who does things right and many others who does it wrongly is just accurate information

Stop day dreaming now! As the journey of a thousand kilometers begin with a step. TAKE  action now.

Thanks for your reading........

I am committed to your success,
Metu Jude

Technology / Re: MAKE $$$ IN 30 DAYS WITH LIBERTY RESERVE, guaranteed
« on: August 31, 2010, 04:13:49 AM »
Hi friends,
I want to assured you that if you start today you can make a lot of money in your libertyReserve account Today. Mark my word that you are guarantee of making at least 30-$100 per day if you start today.
Rush Now at

www.libertycashtank.blogspot.com and thank me later because everything is free for you

Fresh Gurus Introduce Yourself / Introduction To All Forums members
« on: March 18, 2010, 06:41:55 PM »
Hi Friends,
My name is Metu Chukwudi Jude. I am an engineer by profession but I love internet marketing. I want tell all our member both old and new that forums is a place of fun and making connection too.

My promise to the administrator and moderator of these  forum is that I will abide by the rules and regulation of the forum.

Thanks, and God bless you all.

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