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I don't have time these days to update. If you can, then do and I will upload to the server.


Hello Guru,

This New Year, one of the world's greatest
blogger by the name Yaro Starak put up a
blog post that shed light on something that
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In fact, what you are about to discover in his
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Do click HERE to find out why sitting down is
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After reading this article, you will thank me
for sharing it with you.

Happy New Year Guru!

Ken Nwankwo
Awufu Online Shop

Scam Alert / Re: This eMail Is A SCAM!
« on: December 10, 2012, 07:01:57 PM »
@Ken, please is Liberty Reserve cash generator a SCAM?

What is the URL of the site?

Ken Nwankwo Free Mentoring Articles / The Fastest Way To Earn Money Online!
« on: December 10, 2012, 12:13:22 AM »

I have decided to give you one of my products
which helped me to earn my first 1 million online
like 3 years ago when I jumped into the online
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The wisdom in this package - when applied with
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After downloading the package, do unzip file
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Ken Nwankwo

i applied for adsense to my blog on successful living but i was rejected and i dont knw the reason why,plz shed light on how i can get there approval...thank u

It must be a paid blog.

It must be at least 6months old with great content.


Where do you want to use the VISA card on?


Scam Alert / This eMail Is A SCAM!
« on: July 27, 2012, 09:21:35 AM »
Hello Gurus,

If you ever receive email claiming to be
from Liberty Reserve, Just Been Paid
or Big Fx brokers, etc and asking to
pay some amount of money in order
to get your Prize money, please DELETE IT.


Below is an example:

Please note that in all e-mails from Liberty Reserve we will:
Always address you by your first name.
Never send you any links or attached files.
Never ask you to send us your password and/or login PIN.

Dear Libertyreserve Customer,

Since 2002 Liberty Reserve has made considerable progress and improvement.
Serving you with most sophisticated electronic payment solutions possible
We're glad to announce that our service has become the leading e-currency in market
Liberty Reserve services are being improved continuously.

Recently we have established a prizes for random Liberty Reserve customers
Our co-operation choosing winner accounts randomly



You must verify that your account is already active to receive your prize

To verify that your account is already active you must pay a $0.20
After the $0.20 payment, you will receive your $200 instanly without any delay.

In order to receive your prize. You must pay the fees to General Prize Fees account X1803500 (Prize Fees),

You will receive the $200 without any additional fees

Note : If you didn't verified your account before 30th of July, 2012 (GMT+1:00)
Your account will be removed from the winner accounts.

This is a limited one-time opportunity, and you must ACT NOW!

Thank You!

i want to buy 200usd to my liberty but i cant contact my bank for bank statement, i use first bank and i only hv two thousand in there as i just paid for my new car. how do i go about it?

Then, buy it $100 per day.


You're welcome Bro!

No need to be changing IP when you want to login.
CB don't hate Nigerian IP but Nigerian physical address.


Hi Ken, thanks for the detailed article.
Please I would like to clarify the issue of UK address.
I have my folks in the UK and I want to use one of their addresses,infact he owns the house.
Can I go ahead with such plan?


Yes, go ahead.


11 is temporary down
due to domain transfer from

The process will be finalized on 20th July, 2012.

For this reason, we made a temporary site to
help you FUND and execute all your e-currency

Click on to shop for now!


Hi Guru's Guru! I email my details for Liberty Reserve Account verification two weeks ago, yet I didn't get any responds. How long does it take? Or, is there a problem some where? I will re-send it again. Pls, do help me to get verified since i planned to transact business with it. Thanks for your prompt funding of my LR A/c thus far.

You can always buy Liberty Reserve but not
more than $100 until you are verified.


Hi Guru's Guru and all Gurus. First, Guru Ken, thanks for all your mentorship, as this has motivated me to buy ClickBank products and do biz with them; but I need light shed on some grey areas b4 i launch out. 1. Will ClickBank have any clue of my true identity if my Clickbank affiliate website is hosted with a Nigerian identity? 2. Will the org in UK whose virtual address services enabled me to open a Clickbank a/c continue to get and send my check to Nigeria? 3. Is there a backslash if i use google to get a US detail to register for a VCC? 4. I don't understand the non active msg by the VCC instruction on What does that mean? Pls, 4give me for too many questions, 'cause I need your help urgently. As always, thanks for been there for us.

1. ClickBank is not against Nigerian IP. They
don't want Nigerian contact address.

2. The UK company makes their money this way. \
So, why they refused to send your check(s)
to Nigeria unless you failed to pay them

3. Don't understand your question.

4. Click on
and read. The answers are there.


I have sent the requested information.

I will appreciate a quick response

Thanks a lot.

Just seeing this post now. However, we refunded
immediately (within a minute) but you failed to write
it here.

Anyway, do note that all pending PayPal accounts
were fulfilled just yesterday (after we secured a
new bank) and the price has increased to N8000.


Advertise For FREE / Re: PayPal Challenge - Please, Advise Me!
« on: June 16, 2012, 06:17:06 PM »
Hey mr ken
    my opinion here is are we going to use this paypal temporary or not, i prefer Uk open paypal account.

Those who invested since 2010 can attest to the fact that we are good at PayPal

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