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Title: Get A Professional Website and Blog for Just N12,050.00
Post by: abisco2 on June 16, 2017, 11:57:34 AM
I want to believe you probably doubt what you just read as the subject of this article.

The first question that will likely come to your mind is, “how can a website and blog design go for just N12,050.00?” But , this is correct. It wasn’t a mistake. It was not N120,050.00, is it exactly N12,050.00 (twelve thousand and fifty naira only).

Now, I guess you are probably becoming suspicious, like, “Abiodun'', what is the catch? There must be something to it, tell me the truth.”

Alright, let me tell you every thing about this. But before I tell you the “catch”, this is what you will get when you opt-in for the website and blog idea.

1.A personal domain name
2.Hosting of about 500MB
3.A professionally designed blog
For more details send '' I am Interested'' to