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Author Topic: I want to get LR with OkPay  (Read 4655 times)

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I want to get LR with OkPay
« on: January 08, 2012, 12:50:41 AM »
Offer Information

Offer Status:CLOSED
Time Left:0 Days
Seller Rating:15 (Not Verified)
Offer Rate:0%
*Warnings: No warnings related to this offer.
Seller will send:OKPay
Amount:$1.00 USD
Seller Wants:Liberty Reserve
Minimum Amount:$1.00 USD
Buy Now Price:$0.00 USD

Urgent exchange


Please do not send your payment before our system tells you to send it. If a user asks you to send money to a different account or before our system told you to send it - please report this user to us and DO NOT send him/her your funds.You must follow our system's instructions to avoid SCAM!

Step 1
To begin an exchange, you should make a payment to our Escrow (Intermediary) account first. We will then safely hold your funds until your exchange partner will transfer his/her funds to your account. After that, we will fund your exchange partner’s account. Please enter the necessary information in the form below, click “Pay” button and follow the instructions:
Your payment has been confirmed.

Step 2
At this step, your exchange partner will make a transfer to your account. You will be notified when the transfer will be done.

Step 3
Congratulations! The funds were sent to your account. Here is the payment information of the transfer:
Batch / Tracking Number:
Funds sent to your OkPay account
08/Jan/2012 01:06:41 am

Step 4
Your exchange partner was funded. Here is a copy of the transaction:
Batch / Tracking Number:
08/Jan/2012 01:09:06 am

Step 5
Thank you for your rating, is very valuable for our community! - Here the rating you gave to the other party:
Best +5
Great exchanger!

Step 6
Your exchange is complete. Thank you for choosing us!

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Re: I want to get LR with OkPay
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2015, 05:46:35 AM »

I do not care, provide information only. Knowledge but also to many other well.