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How To Use Part 1!


Ken Nwankwo:
Hello Guru,

This Part 1 Tutorial is to help you know the basics about our new money-making platform: and maximize your earning potential.

Today, we will take a journey into the world of and know what we can do there. Make sure you read this tutorial to the end and try as much as possible to read other Parts of the tutorials coming up in the next few days.



What Is This All About? is community marketplace for product/service sellers and buyers managed by crew.

It’s a secured marketplace where a seller of product(s) and/or service(s) can register for FREE, showcase his portfolio, use the social networking tools on the site like Google+, FaceBook and Twitter buttons to share it and have buyer(s) placing orders within the system.

Equally, buyers can suggest the kind of product(s) or service(s) they want on the platform. This system functions like a freelance website but different in terms of no bidding structure were obtainable in

We programmed to work with AlertPay payment gateway for now. We may add credit/debit card processing system in the future.

However, you can only use AlertPay balance to buy and sell on AlertPay is owned by a Canadian company and they accept almost every country including Nigeria.

As you must have known, Canada is the most organised society in the world and that will tell you that Alertpay rocks.

If you don’t know how to get an AlertPay account opened, verified and funded for your shopping on, then click HERE for a FREE tutorial.

Is My Money Secured? Does It Mean I Can’t Get Scammed With This System? is a much secured system where there will be less fraud of any calibre. It’s a SCAM-FREE money making platform because NO SELLER will receive money directly into his or her AlertPay account if as a buyer you follow all the due process enumerated in our Terms Of Service page (Click HERE to read Terms Of Service).

All funds from Buyers are directly transferred into AlertPay account for the products and services ordered. It’s ONLY when seller(s) execute orders successfully that Admin will credit their account.

For example, let’s say you as a buyer wants to order SEO eBook from a seller on platform. You click on the short sales letter (gig) of the seller, read it and you consider buying it.

If you click on Order button and login (assuming you have already registered), then make payment through the system, will receive the funds and automatically send email to the seller that a buyer with 'so so' username has paid for his SEO eBook.

The seller has 72hrs to Accept The Order or we cancel Order and credit buyer’s account with the amount s/he paid, which can be used to order some other products/services on the platform in the future.

Now, if the seller accepts the order, s/he will fulfil immediately (based on the number of days given by seller in his or her gig) by uploading the eBook as attachment in system and deliver to the buyer.

Buyer receives his or her SEO package, download and confirm. Then, will credit seller’s account (not seller’s AlertPay account but account) with 80% of the amount paid by the buyer within 48hrs of satisfying buyer’s order.

Now, it will take 7days for seller to receive funds in his/her AlertPay account from after requesting for withdrawal.

As you can see, scammers can’t operate with such system since they can’t access buyer’s funds directly.

 It’s even better to order products and services through than going to websites of sellers because there is no middleman to mediate when you buy from seller’s website directly.

Is There Any Fee For Joining

No, there is none. Just click HERE to register free on and post or buy gigs with your AlertPay balance.

Is There Any Other Thing I Should Know About

Yes, there is. Just click on Terms Of Service to read. However, I will be posting more FREE tutorials on this forum to help you maximize your transactions on

I hope you enjoyed this lesson.

If you have any question or suggestion, please post it here by clicking on Reply tab.

I wish you the best.

Ken Nwankwo
For: Team

very detail explantion of how to use the site.

But i have a question, what if the seller did not deliver
the exact gig promised in the gig description is there a way
to stop the payment process.


--- Quote from: ilovrgames on March 09, 2012, 01:51:41 PM ---very detail explantion of how to use the site.

But i have a question, what if the seller did not deliver
the exact gig promised in the gig description is there a way
to stop the payment process.

--- End quote ---

Do you know how to use Fiverr? If the buyer doesnt deliver rightly, then you wont mark the Gig as being completed.

Nice one....


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