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Author Topic: How To Send Free Bulk SMS  (Read 1290 times)

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How To Send Free Bulk SMS
« on: August 01, 2015, 02:08:10 PM »

Registered GSM Phone Numbers Database sorted-out by states, L.G.A, Gender And Name.

Get Nigerian registered GSM database phone numbers sorted out by State, Local Government, First name, last names and gender. We will also give you a website where you can send FREE BULK SMS. This means that you don’t have to worry about the cost of sending bulk sms.

It is real and legal, you can now send unlimited bulk SMS for free yes absolutely FREE without paying a kobo; no monthly fee, no access charge, no any billing but totally FREE.
The SMS gateway is legitimate and it is not a hacker’s or a cracker’s work. This platform in question delivers bulk sms instantly to the recipients as if you have paid the regular fee.
It enables you to send bulk SMS with customized features like using the sender name you want.
You can also use your phone number as the sender etc and the message you send is delivered immediately.
You will get all these for just N10,000 if you order from now till 7th of August 2015.

Yes, you read it correctly, with just N10,000 you will get over 75-million registered phone numbers and a website to send FREE BULK SMS.

There are about 75 Million phone numbers of real Nigerians that you can verify and confirm. This is different from the randomly generated numbers that some people are parading all over the place.

The GSM phone numbers are not like the random numbers generated with GSM phone numbers generator and GSM phone numbers extractor, our numbers are gathered manually by INEC from voters registration and it has the following details;
1.   First and last Name
2.   Gender,
3.   LGA,
4.   State
5.   Phone number

Business owners major challenge when it comes to mobile marketing is getting the right phone numbers of target audience, but with our nationwide phone numbers database, it is now easier than ever to reach people within any state and local government areas in Nigeria.

You can also sell these phone numbers either in pieces or as a whole at any price of your choice. Many of the so called internet 'gurus' sell these GSM database between 50k to 200k. So you see my dear, what we are offering you now is a gold-mine. You can't get all these anywhere for N10,000.

Be among the first 20 people to order for these package for just N10,000 only.
Offer last till i get up to 20 people.

You Have Full Resale Right to Also Sell This Package For Any Price of Your Choice.

Pay N10,000 into our company’s bank account.

BANK: Diamond Bank Plc
ACCT NAME: Legal Business Ventures
ACCT NO: 002-9273-796.

After payment, send details of payment such as name, teller number, email address and phone number to 08138458108 or 08022845523.

After confirmation of payment, the package will be delivered to your email.

What are you still waiting for; quickly make the payment before we change our mind. A lot of people are saying that we are offering too much for little amount and i think they are right. So you have to hurry.
And please don't take it personal if you call me and i say the package is no longer available or that the price has increase because that is EXACTLY what will happen if you don't act fast now.

If you don't have money, borrow from someone and tell the person you will pay back with interest because you will make times 10 of your money in one week. Also if you are too busy to go to the bank, ask/beg someone to make the payment for you. OR You can pay with your ATM card in any ATM Machine Nationwide. Below is HOW TO PAY WITH YOUR ATM CARD.

The following are the steps to follow when you want to transfer money to our account even in a different bank via the ATM machine.

Insert Your Card into the ATM Machine.

Enter Pin And Press Proceed

Press QuickTeller

Press Interbank Transfers

Select Funding Account Type (i.e your own account type. Be it Savings or Current account)

Select Receiving Account Type (SELECT CURRENT)

Select Recipient’s Bank. (SELECT DIAMOND BANK PLC)

Enter Account Number you wish to transfer to (TYPE 0029273796)

Enter Amount and click Proceed

Click Proceed if you accept the N100 charge (Note; you will be charged N100 for the transfer you want to make)

Confirm details and click proceed if okay

You’ll get the message “Transaction completed” please check the receipt for your reference number.
Note: where there is no receipt, check your SMS alert for the reference number.

Why i'm saying all these is because i don't want you to have any excuses for not ordering the package on time. So it's totally up to you.
I have done my best to help you.

NOTE: Remember that this offer closes as soon as we get up to 20 people. After that, the price goes back the normal amount.
See you at the top.

50 MCC Road, Owerri, Imo State.
08138458108, 08022845523


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