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Author Topic: How To Make Residual Income With Bitclub Advantage!  (Read 264 times)

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How To Make Residual Income With Bitclub Advantage!
« on: January 19, 2018, 07:21:00 AM »
Are you tired of being stuck in MLM because of inactive downlines? Are you tired of platforms which will only pay you after you have referred others? Welcome to Bitclub Advantage.

BitClub Advantage is a company formed by a team of PROFESSIONAL TRADERS with EXPERTISE in one of the biggest financial markets of today such as SPORT investing and CRYPTO exchange. Their focus is to provide affiliates with daily and constant profits in these markets. Get to know the business that is changing the lives of people.

How does Bitclub Advantage make money?

Bitclub Advantage as an investment platform formed by a team of experts in trading cryptocurrency, Sports and providing cryptocurrency training courses makes money by employing professional traders who are good in the above industries to trade with investor’s money. They partner with FIFA, LALIGA AND BRAZIL FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION. The proceedings from such trades are then shared with investors who are commonly referred to as affiliate members.

Bitclub Advantage was founded by Alex Pereri. He has the best experience in running a network marketing organization, as he spent his early years in FOREVER LIVING PRODUCTS & MONAVIE combined for 20 years. These two Multi Level Marketing companies are the top in the industry of MLM in USA.  With his wealth of experience in the above two sectors of the economy, Mr ALEX PEREIRA now founded BITCLUB ADVANTAGE ACADEMY. This organization has its main PRODUCT as offering TRAINING COURSES on CRYPTOCURRENCY TRADING in different Packages. They have been trading since 1999. Bitclub Advantage head office is located in Brazil at International trade centre and also has head office at UK. They have commissioned their office in Hongkong, UK, Spain etc, likewise in Africa, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa. Bitclub Advantage was brought from Kenya to Nigeria on 1st June, 2017.

How Bitclub Advantage works

Bitclub Advantage is the latest investment scheme where you can chip in your money and make it works for you. This is different from a Ponzi scheme where members' money are used to pay another. Here, your money is actually reinvested in real business that brings in profit and the profit is shared with you. It is a very good way to earn passive income from your invested money. Return is 300% per year and you get paid weekly or monthly depending on your choice.

The company has a web platform through which potential affiliate can register and purchase an investment package. On successful purchase of this package, he can then start earning daily income which can be monitored on the site and can make request for withdrawal till he fully earns 300% return on investment.

Below is the list of packages available with their costs, points and expected returns. Depending on the package bought, affiliates can earn 300% ROI (return on investment) within different span of time usually between 39 to 52 weeks. You can simply earn these without the need for recruiting or referring new members.

1. Client Partner - cost $30 (#12,600.00)
     Points = 5
     Daily payout = $0.28 (#117.60) (Mon-fri)
     Weekly gains = $1.40 (#588)
     Monthly gains = $6.16 (2,587)
     ROI = 300%

2. Client Basic - cost $55 (23,100)
     Points = 10
     Daily payout = $0.56 (#235)
     Weekly gains = $2.80 (#1,176)
     Monthly gains = $12.32 (#5,174)
     ROI = 300%.

3. Client Bronze - cost $109 (#45,780)
     Points = 20
     Daily payout = $1.35 (#567)
     Weekly gains = $6.75 (#2,835)
     Monthly gains = $29.70 (#12,474)
     ROI = 300%.

4. Client Silver - cost $264 (#110,880)
     Points = 50
     Daily payout = $3.39 (#1,423)
     Weekly gains = $16.93 (#7,110)
     Monthly gains = $74.50 (#31,290)
     ROI = 300%.

5. Client Gold - cost $514 (#215,880)
     Points = 100
     Daily payout = $6.79 (#2,851)
     Weekly gains = $33.93 (#14,250)
     Monthly gains = $149 (#62,706)
     ROI = 300%.

6. Client Premium = $1,029 (#432,180)
     Points = 200
     Daily payout = $13.59 (#5,707)
     Weekly gains = $67.93 (#28,530)
     Monthly = $298.90 (#125,538)
     ROI = 300%.

7. Client Black = $2,029 (#852,180)
     Points = 400
     Daily payout = $30.78 (#12,927)
     Weekly gains = $153.92 (#64,646)
     Monthly gains = $677.26 (#284,449)
     ROI = 300%.

Understand that the company is not asking you to refer anyone before you earn. You get paid from Monday to Friday till you have earned 300% of your investment within a duration of 39 to 52weeks.
If you want to earn more bonuses from the program, just invite at least two people so you can earn direct bonuses from their investment and indirect bonuses from their referrals. It does not matter who register the person, as long as they are in your network, you continue to earn from all registration to the 8th level.

You can register for the program through: http://leumas.bitclubadvantage.academy/register

For more information, please call 08068272981.


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