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How To Get A Payoneer MasterCard and Fund It With e-Currencies!

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Ken Nwankwo:
Updated on 12.16.2010

Hello Gurus,

When I wrote some months back that you can get
a Free MasterCard in Nigeria from the US and fund
it seamlessly, so many Gurus started asking me
write the eBook.

However, I noticed that there are eBooks already
written and sold to Nigerians on this. So, it's
no longer a new thing. All of us knows about
Payoneer MasterCard.

Now, lots of Nigerians own the MasterCard. But
the major problem remains with funding the card.

I have received countless of emails and calls
on how to fund the card seamlessly. Most of
the platforms like AvaFx are not working properly
again. There are stringent measures taken by
such Payoneer agents recently.

So, I went into research to solve this problem
and I found a solution. But this solution will
cost you something.

1. You are going to forget about the old Payoneer
MasterCard you already have.

2. You are going to get a new one from my funding
partner in North American for a small fee.

3. You will be able to become a member and fund
your Payoneer MasterCard with wire transfer,
Liberty Reserve, WebMoney, Pecunix, SolidTrust,
EuroGoldCash, C-Gold, Visa Card, TechnoCash
and other e-currencies.

4. And you can withdraw from any ATM machine
with MasterCard logo in any part of the world.

5. You can use it to shop online where MasterCard
is acceptable.

What a relief at last?

We have succeeded in working out the modalities
and I want to write eBook on this issue and sell
to first 100 Gurus that will submit their request
for it through the link below at the rate of N2,500
instead of N3,500.

To grab your pie now, Click HERE.

I'm committed to your success,

Ken Nwankwo

young geezy:
Get de master card 4 us our great guru. Get de master card 4 us our great guru.Get de master card 4 us our great guru.

young geezy:
Get de master card 4 us our great guru. Get de master card 4 us our great guru.

Ken Nwankwo:

--- Quote from: young geezy on October 02, 2009, 02:02:09 PM ---Get de master card 4 us our great guru. Get de master card 4 us our great guru.

--- End quote ---

@ Young Geezy

I will get the MasterCard for the Gurus if the interest surpass that of the eBook.

So, I'm all ears.

Gurus, start voting.

Ken Nwankwo

please oh we need this stuff seriously oh..abeg get it for us greatest guru..........


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