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« on: October 06, 2010, 10:40:51 AM »

I am a thirty five years old (35) man from Ghana,i have a younger brother of sixteen years old (16),a very good and talented football player, he plays middlefielder,he have played in some reputable football academy and football club here in ghana.he was been commented by many coaches in different clubs as a good player,so I decided to take him to the next level in football career, I planned to look for a football club in europe but my coach advice me to look for football academy instead of club because club will be more expensive and may take much time than money

So I said to my self,where can I find a good football academy that can enroll an african,I searched for many search engines like,,, and social network site, forum sits and even facebook but most of the ones I saw there were football trials camps which you have to participate for weeks or few months,and it is very good but I hate it because it is very expensive than even a university.
So I decided to google football academy in europe and some of the ones suggested to me by google where
And many others which I cannot mention here due to time factor
So I decided to visit their website one after the other

1.Bradford football academy:was good and their cost of study are very low but when I called my cousine in united kingdom and ask him about Bradford football academy,he maked an inquiry for me about the school and later inform me that they have finished admitting fresh students for the 2010 season,oh I was mad,why didn’t  I saw this on time.well I continue searching.

2.Edukick:edukick is a very good football academy operating in more than five countries like uk spain Germany Italy and so on but I didn’t  go for this football academy because it is very expensive and their cost of living is high,

3.Kidderminster harriers soccer school: when I got to this one,I was happy,at first I saw a message on their website that they are recruiting new players for admission into the 2010 season,secondly I discovered that the football academy was owned by one of the reputable local club in England,when I contacted my cousin on Facebook about  the football academy.He gave me a feedback to carry on. After registering my younger in  the academy  on September 2nd ,I got a message from them after some days that my brother have been admitted into the school and he should send some of the documents they requested from him .he submitted all these documents to them,he was verified and the admission letter was sent to him. I was asked to send some amount of money for the sending of his visa invitation letter which he did,and after like two weeks , his visa was processed by their management,so my brothers,if you are inspiring to become a football player, this is chance now, you can try it,may be you will be lucky like me,it only cost me $420.
John Mensah


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