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Author Topic: How To Cure Diabetes Naturally Fast Without Using Any Drug  (Read 493 times)

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How To Cure Diabetes Naturally Fast Without Using Any Drug
Diabetes is characterized by abnormally high level of blood sugar or glucose and by the excretion of the excess glucose in the urine. Many doctors may tell you it has no cure and that once you are affected you can only manage it for the rest of your life. But I want to assure you that it can be cured naturally if you can follow simple guides I will expose to you in this article and other related tips I will give to you.
These are health tips and guides to cure your diabetics:
Treatment with grape fruit:
Grape fruit is a splendid food in the diet of a diabetic patient. If grape fruit were eaten more literally, there would be much less diabetes. This is the step to follow to cure your high blood sugar using grape fruits.
Use three grape fruits three times in a day. If you do not have high blood sugar but you want to prevent it or have the tendency ,you can as well follow the step.
Make sure each meal you take contains some source of protein as it doesn’t increase the blood sugar immediately   .
Treatment with other foods:
The following are foods medicinal for diabetics patients beans, cucumber, onion.
Treatment with garlic:
Garlic has been found to be excellent spice and medicinal for all ailments, it is good even for non -diabetes people when added to soup.
 This is the step to follow as diabetics patients:
Ensure you chew three to four cloves of raw garlic in the morning with empty stomach before taking any meal.
Practice water therapy. Drink at least two glass cups of fresh water immediately you wake up in the morning.
Avoid high carbohydrate foods in the morning.
I want to assure you that if can follow these simple but powerful health tips highlight here you will soon forget you have experienced diabetics in your life before.
I wish you a fulfilled and healthy life!
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