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Author Topic: How To Buy Products or Services on 5DollarWork.com!  (Read 2242 times)

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How To Buy Products or Services on 5DollarWork.com!
« on: October 16, 2011, 08:15:46 PM »
Hello Guru,

Our new scam-free marketplace: 5DollarWork.com
is getting busier by the day.

Like I told you sometime ago, you should not be
afraid to order for any product or service being
sold there because, the seller will NOT get your
money directly. The seller MUST deliver before
we credit his/her account.

Anyway, without wasting much of you time, let
me give you simple steps to order for any product(s)
or service(s) through 5DollarWork.com

Here Are The Simple Steps:

1. Click HERE to open a free account if you don't
 have one yet.

2. Click HERE to fund your AlertPay account through
NigeriaGoldExchange.com. If you don't have AlertPay
account, then get one free by clicking HERE.

3. Check the products or services you want to
order on www.5DollarWork.com.

4. Click on Order or Order Now button

5. Login into your 5DollarWork.com account.

6. Make payment through your AlertPay account.

7. 5DollarWork.com will receive your payment
and automatically inform seller or service provider.

8. Seller or service provider delivers.

9. 5DollarWork.com credits Seller or Service provider
account 48hrs after successful delivery.

10. Both parties become happy for the transaction.

Remember, No seller or service provider receives
payment directly from buyer. This is to avoid scam
and fraud. 5DollarWork.com ONLY pays sellers
after successful delivery.

In few days' time, I will be offering one of my
products there so that you canbuy it with your
AlertPay balance.

For more info on how 5DollarWork.com operates,
do click HERE

Click & Sign Up NOW!

Ken Nwankwo
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