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Author Topic: Get 20% DISCOUNT On Premium Web Hosting!  (Read 1824 times)

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Get 20% DISCOUNT On Premium Web Hosting!
« on: August 24, 2011, 11:11:14 PM »

Do you want to use same premium
website hosting company that I use
to host NigeriGoldExchange.com for
the past 2years now at a DISCOUNT
of 20%
? If yes, then read this email
like there is no tomorrow.

For the past 2 years now, one of my
online firms: GurusHosting.com has
been silently hosting websites and
blogs for clients both in Nigeria and
other countries.

So, today we decided to offer 20%
DISCOUNT on all Hosting Plans for
annual payments

This 20% DISCOUNT will be STOPPED
automatically on 16th September, 2011.

We are not like other hosting firms. We
automated everything and you can
pay with AlertPay, Liberty Reserve
and Naira cash deposit
. All these
automated. We will soon add Credit
/Debit Card payment system.

Now, here are steps to take to claim
your 20% DISCOUNT:

1. Click on: Premium Web-Hosting

2. Select the Currency you want. It
can be USD (if you are paying with
Alertpay and Liberty Reserve) or
NGN (if you’re paying with cash)

3. Click on Order Now at the end
of any of the Hosting Plans.

4. Follow the instruction you will see
and click on Click to Continue tab.

5. In the Billing Cycle, select Annual
payment and click on Update Cart.

6. In the Promotional Code box, use
this coupon code: AmGuru and then
click on Validate Code. You will get

7. Then, click on Checkout and do the
rest as you see it.

With these steps, you are sure of getting
20% DISCOUNT for Annual Hosting of
your websites and blogs.

Remember, this DISCOUNT coupon
code will expire on 16th September,

It’s automated, so don’t WASTE time!

The link again: Premium Web-Hosting (<=Click)

God bless you!

I'm committed to your success,

Ken Nwankwo

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