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Flipping Websites For Quick Cash
« on: August 18, 2010, 09:46:47 AM »
Flipping Websites For Quick Cash

Flipping websites is one of the fastest ways to make instant Paypal cash. It's not hard but it does require some work to pull off. This method of making money involves creating websites and selling them quickly. It also involves buying websites, doing them up, and re-selling them to new buyers. In this guide you will learn everything you need to get started plus a few advance tips and tricks.

There is nothing wrong with going for instant cash every once and a while. Everyone will tell you that you need to build a business, build a brand and I agree. Those are great and important things to do. But what if you need a quick $1g to pay off some unexpected bills and your Clickbank check hasn't arrived yet this pay period? What are you suppose to do?

Why not have a few methods up your sleeve to get some instant cash in a crisis. Maybe not even in a crisis, maybe you just want to go away for the weekend and don't want to spend a dime of the money already in your bank account. This method is great for that. In fact, it's the reason I started doing it and this is a concept I want to talk about for a while.

I'm not sure if everyone reading this guide will understand what fun money is. It is a term I first heard as a kid when I use to play Monopoly with my family. My Mom use to take care of my money for me as I was only little and she use to set aside what she called "fun money".

This is money she kept aside from my main Monopoly money to pay off debts I collected along the way without having to touch my main stash of money. She always said to keep some extra cash on the side in case you land on something you want to buy and don't have the money. I use to love buying the rail way stations. So everytime I went around the board and collected money, I would put some aside in my "fun money" account for purchases that were not part of my main business aim or to pay off my father when he use to build motels on every corner of that darn board.

I now still use the same term in my daily life. I have a business that generates money for me, which is my main business. I then have other methods of making money that I use and keep that money separate. This is money that I use to buy goodies for myself.

Everytime I have some spare time from my main online business, I go grab my idea pad and find what "fun money" business ideas I have and I go put them into action. Most of my "fun money" business ideas revolve around the Instant Cash philosophy.That is why I love Instant cash generating business ideas. They are not meant to take over from your main business, they are just meant to give you some cash quickly. I got a lot of heat over a report I wrote a while ago about generating Instant cash, telling me that just going after instant cash is the worst thing to do online.

Nothing wrong with going after the money as well as work on your main business and building a brand for yourself. Some people don't want the Internet to be their main money earner and just want a way to make some instant cash, for fun.

It's also a great way to make cash to expand your current business. I also find that I use my instant cash generating business ideas as a motivator.

Have you ever sat down and looked at your computer in the morning and got depressed because you are building this great business that you know is going to pay off, but you don't see any of the rewards for your hard work just yet?

As soon as I start feeling this way, I pull out an instant cash generator and I put it into action and by the end of the day I see I have a nice lump sum of cash in my Paypal account.

Step By Step Instructions On Flipping Your First Website

I wrote this in a forum post in response to someone wanting to know how to make some cash fast. I put it as simply as I could, but I want you to read it as well to give you an idea of what we are going to do today.

"Write 25 unique 350 to 500 word articles on any topic. Register a domain name that is related to the topic the articles are on. Go to Namecheap.com to do this. Go find a template that is copyright free at oswd.org and put all the articles into html and upload them all to your server/domain name.

Go setup a free account at forums.digitalpoint.com and make 25 posts so you can then sell your services on that forum. Go to the services/sites for sale section/ put your site for sale (costs nothing to do) for a couple hundred dollars and wait for a buyer to nibble. You will get a buyer. Unique content with a good domain name will get nibbles.

Take payment via paypal, push the domain name to the new buyer, buy another domain name/rinse and repeat."

Nice and to the point I know. In this guide I'm going to show you in the in's and out's of this method. What we are going to do in this method is create a small or large content site from scratch and sell it on to another buyer for big profits.

So let's get the ball rolling shall we.

Step 1 - Find A Niche

The first thing you need to do is to find a niche to create a content site on. This is not hard at all and in fact it's pretty much set on autopilot for me. Everyday I get a new niche market emailed to me. I am a subscriber of NicheAday.com which is free to sign up.

Everyday they send me a new niche market. These niche's are perfect for this method I'm showing you today. They give you general keywords like "auto parts" or today's niche is "acid reflux".

Here is another list of places to find niche markets.


Step 2 - Do Keyword Research To Expand On Your Niche

The niche I found doing the above research is hypertension. The next thing you want to do is get AT LEAST 15 keywords related to hypertension. You can do that for free by going to http://www.digitalpoint.com/tools/suggestion/

This will give you a list of keywords related to any search term. This will work fine for us. If you want to get more complicated, get a subscription to Wordtracker.com

So what I have done is put in hypertension into that search box and this is just a sample of what it returned. (It uses both Overture search results and Wordtracker search results. I take the best results from both)

hypertension   1,389.0   /day   
pulmonary hypertension   338.0   /day   
hypertension symptoms   103.0   /day   
portal hypertension   72.0   /day   
malignant hypertension   54.0   /day   
what is hypertension   44.0   /day   
symptoms of hypertension   37.0   /day   
primary pulmonary hypertension   36.0   /day   
sleep apnea and hypertension   36.0   /day   
clinical trials with sildenafil and pulmonary hypertension   33.0   /day   
diet for hypertension   32.0   /day   
herbal dietary supplement cause hypertension   28.0   /day   
pregnancy induced hypertension   28.0   /day   
episodic hypertension   25.0   /day   
hypertension medications   25.0   /day   

What you want to do is get at least 15 keywords that you are going to use to write content on. The keywords I'm going to use are the following.....

Pulmonary Hypertension,
Hypertension Symptoms,
Portal Hypertension,
Malignant Hypertension,
What Is Hypertension,
Symptoms Of Hypertension,
Primary Pulmonary Hypertension,
Sleep Apnea And Hypertension,
Diet For Hypertension,
Pregnancy Induced Hypertension,
Hypertension Medications,
Episodic Hypertension,
Hypertension Treatments,
Hypertension Exercise,
Information On Hypertension,
Cure For Hypertension,

That is 17 keywords there. I could probably find 20 to 30 for this term alone, maybe even 50 if I dug around. But 17 will do this for purpose. There is nothing stopping you from finding a very broad topic to cover and write 100+ articles on it.

Step 3 - Buy A Keyword Rich Domain Name

This is an important step. It will add value to your sale and help with search engine ranking if you choose to make this site profitable. I will explain this is a minute.

You need to use one of the above keywords to use in your domain name. You are going to register that exact term. So first things first, let's see what is available.

The domain name hypertension is not going to be free in any extension, let alone .com .net .org. Pulmonary Hypertension is a niche inside a niche and maybe a bit too hard to write on for an entire content site, so we will leave that term and just write 1 content page on it.

The next search term available is Hypertension Symptoms. Let's see if that term is available. I register all my domain names at Namecheap and I suggest you do the same as they allow you to transfer the domain name to other people for free who also have a Namecheap.com account and this is what you will be doing when you sell your site.

They also cost less then $9 a pop.

Ok, Hypertensionsymptoms.com is taken, but Hypertensionsymptoms.net is not taken. Great, use that! This term gets searched for thousands of times a month and if you do a search for (if you are familiar with bum marketing you will understand why I do this) "hypertension symptoms" on Google you will find there are under 40,000 competiting pages. So getting a top 10 ranking for this domain name for that term should be a breeze.

The reason why we want to target specific keywords is that it will help with search engine ranking. If you buy a domain name with the exact search term people are looking for, you will rank higher in Google and MSN. Doing this, there is no reason why you cannot get a top 10 ranking for that term.

I have many times. So make sure you register a domain name that is an actual search term people search for. Nothing too competitive but nothing that only gets a few searches a day. The above example is perfect and took me no longer then 5 minutes to find.

Step 4 - Creating Your Content Site

So now you have a domain name, you will need hosting if you don't already have it. If you are truly broke, Newwebsite.com allows you to try their services for free for 2 weeks, no strings attached at all.

I don't know squat diddly about graphics or html really. I know enough to get by. YES, nice looking templates and graphics do increase the price of your sale, but not by a huge amount, so if you are graphically retarded like I am don't worry.

I get all my content site templates from http://www.oswd.org - It is completely free to use and most of the templates there you can use without even having to give credit to the original creator let alone pay for them. It rocks and some of the templates are great.

So once you find a template, you need to start creating your content for your site. Using the above example of Hypertension, this is what I would first do.

First off I would write 17 articles on the above keywords. Each article should be 350 to 500 words in length. Each article should be on exactly the search term you are writing on. Much like bum marketing way of writing articles.

Each article should mention the keyword at least 3 times in the article and once in the opening paragraph and once in the heading. So for example if I were writing on the term "what is hypertension" I would write an article with the title of the following

What is Hypertension? - A Quick And Easy Read


If I was writing on the keyword/term Hypertension Treaments I would write an article with the title....

What Are The Best Hypertension Treatments Available To You

Always put the search term you are targeting with that article in the title. It really makes a big difference with search engine ranking.

So, I would sit down and write 17 articles on all the above topics. Once I had 17 articles staring at me in wordpad, I would put them into my html template.

Make sure, when creating your html pages that you name them right. If you're page is on the keyword, "information on hypertension" your html page should be called information-on-hypertension.html

Nothing tricky here, just simple and basic SEO.

I make my sites with Adsense in mind. I have also tried other ways of monetizing my sites for the new buyer. I weave affiliate program links into my articles and I also put a recommended links page on my site so people can go and buy products I am affiliated with. This gives the new buyer many different ways to make money.

It is just a central area where all the articles on your site are listed and linked to. Make sure you link to it from your main page.

When you are done, all you have to do is upload your site to your webhosting server and your site should be done. It is a pretty easy process to follow.

So let me recap. What you are doing is writing articles for the 17 keywords above. Each navigation link on your site will lead to another new article. If you need to see what I mean visit my sites I sold at

So you would basically have 17 content pages on your site, including the main page. The main page is an introduction to your site and of course an article you wrote. Using the above Hypertensionsymptoms.net site as an example, I would write a basic intro to the site for the main page and then I would put my article on "Hypertension Symptoms" on that main page as well.

Step 5 - Making Your Site Profitable (optional)

If you are short of cash and need money ASAP, then you probably won't have time to do this. Profitable sites sell for a lot more then sites that are not profitable.

If your site is....

A) Getting a steady flow of free and quality traffic
B) Is making money with Adsense or affiliate programs
C) Has a good search engine ranking
D) Has a good Google PR

You could easily sell a small content site for upwards of $1000. You can do all the manual work of creating your site in one day, wait a few months to get the above qualities for your site and then sell it. Imagine if you worked for 30 days on this business model.

For one month, everyday you created a content site like I mentioned above. The total cost would be $300. You then let them sit and get traffic and income and within six months you could easily have $30,000 to your name. It really is that simple.

You will have to excuse me here, I get very excited, because I know how easy it really is to do this.

If your content site is

*Earning $100 a month via Adsense
*Has 1 or 2 top 10 rankings in Google and MSN for its main keyword or keywords
*Getting a steady trickle of unique visitors daily, not many but a steady trickle
*A PR3 or PR4 or above

You can sell that site for $1000 easily. If not more. Of course, if your site has 100+ articles you could sell that site for $2000 ++++

So how do you get your site to be profitable? Simple.

The first thing you do is you submit your site to Google and MSN manually via their submit a site page. I know people say don't do this, but I recommend it as it works. It took 3 weeks for my new site at the time to get a top 10 listing in MSN for it's main (and very competitive) keyword. All I did was submit the site manually.

The next thing to do if you want to spend money is to go to http://forums.digitalpoint.com and go to their services page. You will find a section on there where you can buy links from other sites. You can buy high PR backlinks to your site for under $10 a month.

Make sure when you buy backlinks to your site that you buy from sites that are related to yours. I created a soccer site before the world cup and I brought a few PR5 backlinks from this forum and it really made a big difference to my PR and my rankings.

You will want to then write a few articles and submit them to Ezinearticles.com and any other directory with a good PR. This is a simple step and one you really should do.

Then you need to go to forums related to your content site and post in their and put your site in your sig file. If you need to find forums go to....


This will really get your site rocking. You can use just about any advertising technique you know of as long as it's legal and won't hurt your Google and MSN rankings. Stumbleupon each page of your site too!

People do not want to buy sites like this that they have to pay advertising for to get traffic. They want these sites to be getting a steady flow of free traffic, mainly from organic search engine results.

Step 6 - Selling Your Site Quickly

Don't take ages to create your sites. Sell them ASAP, get them up as quickly as possible. They do not need to be perfect at all.

I sell all my non profitable sites at forums.digitalpoint.com

In their services for sale marketplace section. It is free to list your sites and I've never had a site not sell. You do need atleast 25 posts to your name before you can sell anything there.

If you are selling a profitable content site, I would also list it at sitepoint.com/marketplace/

A lot of high quality buyers here with more money. I sell most of my profitable sites here as I find the people at digitalpoint don't have as much money to spend. It costs $20 to sell a site here, but if you have a site like the one above, you will make your money back 10 fold.

Now, when selling your site on Digitalpoint, your ad is everything. A lot of sites get listed everyday, so you need a compelling ad.

I always, always put a BIN price on my auctions at Digitalpoint. BIN = Buy it now. So if someone offers me the price I want, they can have it straight away without having to wait for the auction to end. My BIN is met 90% of the time.

The great thing about BIN's is that they can be lowered if your site does not sell!

Here is an example ad...

TITLE - 8000 Word Content Site - One Off


* Hypertension Symptoms
* hypertensionsymptoms.net
* Over 3000 searches a month for the Term "Hypertension Symptoms"
* 8000 Unique handwritten words on healing Hypertension - 17 Articles
* Never seen before content - Handwritten just for the new owner
* $200 BIN

Hi There,

I'm selling another content site I have written at hypertensionsymptoms.net -This is a completely handwritten content site that I wrote personally, with over 8000 words and 17 articles all about healing hypertension and its symptoms.

The search phrase "hypertension symptoms" gets searched for thousands of times a month according to overtures suggestion box. This site is perfectly setup for search engine ranking. The sites Adsense box is also very well targeted. Right on the money.

I have many content sites like this in the top 10 for their main keywords on both msn and google.com.

This is a brand new site, so there is no traffic or income, but you do get the domain name, the website design and all the content.

I will never sell this site or this content again, so it is yours to do with as you like. You will be the complete owner.

This is an auction, but the first person to BIN gets the site and domain name. The domain name is reg'd at namecheap.com so its a free transfer. You will need a free namecheap.com account for me to transfer the domain name to you. No I won't transfer to other registrars.

This one wont last long


Starting Bid - $50
Min Increments - $10
End Date - 1 Week From Listing Date
BIN - $200
Payment- IS IMMEDIATE AND MUST BE WITH PAYPAL. If you delay in payment I will relist or resell to next highest bidder, no exceptions I'm afraid.


If you were selling a site that was profitable with traffic you would list all the stats and give screen shots of your website traffic stats and income and any other relevant details.

One of my sites I had up for sale which sold for $300 sold within 24 minutes of the ad being placed at DP. That was pretty cool indeed. He paid within an hour and I had $300 in my Paypal account almost instantly.

A Business Idea For Those With Money To Spend - Flipping Websites The Lazy Way

So what happens if you are feeling a bit lazy and have money to spend? Well, without sounding horrible, you look for bargains on Digitalpoint and Sitepoint.com to buy instead of create.

So let's say you see someone is trying to sell a really nice content site like above and they need money fast. They have done all the work for you, all you need to is pay them via Paypal for the site and put into action step 5. You can find really good content sites on DP for under $100. They may need a little work and may need some more content. They may even need a new domain name like I show you above. I recommend if the site you are buying is brand new, you scrap that domain name and buy a domain name like I show you in step 3.

Never buy sites that are not made with completely unique content. You check if the content is unique by going to http://www.copyscape.com

Never buy sites with articles from article directories, even if they are profitable. They are useless. Never spend too much either on your first purchase! Keep costs down to a minimum.

DP is a buyer and a sellers market. If you know what you are doing you can be very profitable selling content sites and buying content sites there.

Buy a few small content sites, re do them a bit with some new content and even a new domain name, give them the step 5 treatment, wait a few months and resell.

You can easily sell a site you purchased for $50 for $500.

I purchased a 12 page, unique content site on DP for $35. It had no traffic and a crappy domain name. So I purchased a new domain name like in step 3, gave it the step 5 treatment and it now has a PR4 with all Googles Datacenters, has a few top 10 listings in MSN and Google and is turning over $17 a month with Adsense.

I am going to add another 20 pages to the site, weave some affiliate links into the articles, wait for those new pages to be indexed (hopefully get another 1 or 2 top 10 listings) and resell it for $1000 in 2-4 months time.

It can be that easy. For less then a day of my time and for under $100, I will make $900 to $1200 profit.

A Business Idea For Those With Little Money And A Bit Of Time And Determination - A Quick Way To Make $1000 In A Crunch

Ok this is not for everyone, I get it. If you are lazy or don't need money that badly, fine, don't read. I hate getting stick from people saying that it's stupid to work so hard for money.

I sold a complete article directory with 125 unique articles in it for $1250. If you are a freelance writer, you know how hard it can be to get paid to write articles and $10 an article is not bad scratch at all.

Sure, it wasn't just article writing involved, I had to create the article directory, but I guarantee you that everytime you create an article directory with a whole bag full of articles, you will find a buyer.

Sure, it's hard work, but sometimes you get in a bind or sometimes you just feel like having some extra cash to spend for the weekend.

Why Only Content Sites?

By all means, if you are knowledgeable in other areas, like software and programming, create sites based around those things. The reason I focus on content is because I understand it. I like it. Content makes the Internet go around and I know it sells.

If you are a programmer, create a piece of software and sell it! But the reason I love writing is because everyone can do it. You don't need any real training to put pen to paper, where as technical things like programming can take years to teach.
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Re: Flipping Websites For Quick Cash
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2010, 09:47:54 AM »
The article above is super!

Gurus, please read, digest and ACT on
the ideas you will find in them.

I and my foreign partner do sell sites on
Flippa.com these days. It's a worthwhile
investment that I'm planning a project for
the Gurus on that aspect.

The next KENWAP will be a kind of project
meant to create businesses for the Gurus.

Right now, our hosting site: GurusHosting.com
is almost ready for the next KENWAP to take

Good luck!

Ken Nwankwo
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  • Guest
Re: Flipping Websites For Quick Cash
« Reply #2 on: August 27, 2010, 02:29:32 AM »
One of the best and concise articles I have read in a long time. Thanks Ken

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Re: Flipping Websites For Quick Cash
« Reply #3 on: August 27, 2010, 01:05:49 PM »
One of the best and concise articles I have read in a long time. Thanks Ken

You are welcome!

Ken Nwankwo
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Re: Flipping Websites For Quick Cash
« Reply #5 on: August 23, 2011, 11:03:47 PM »
Thanks so much for this wonderful article mr ken. Its been very enlightening. HOweve i want to draw your attention to the part i copied and pasted below. You did not finish the last sentence or was it intentionally?

So let me recap. What you are doing is writing articles for the 17 keywords above. Each navigation link on your site will lead to another new article. If you need to see what I mean visit my sites I sold at

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Re: Flipping Websites For Quick Cash
« Reply #6 on: November 04, 2011, 10:02:13 PM »
Thank you so much. Your ideas are highly commendable.
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Re: Flipping Websites For Quick Cash
« Reply #7 on: October 10, 2013, 08:44:13 AM »
Flippa wasting my money a lot since they have increase the listing fee without notification for their member


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