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Author Topic: Brand New N200k/Month SIMPLE Business Opportunity  (Read 1053 times)

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Brand New N200k/Month SIMPLE Business Opportunity
« on: July 31, 2013, 10:31:55 PM »
I'm going to show you right here how to make an extra N200,000 EVERY month
from a Brand New Business opportunity.
So stick with me:
Like you already know the once g.enerous and cheery economy of Nigeria
Is going through a very irritable and unforgiving mood.
Conditions are VERY harsh. Even if you may not experience it, I'm sure
you see it everyday yourself especially when you go out.
Truth is you choose whether to lie down and be stepped
on or to move forward - quickly - by YOUR ACTIONS.
The reason I say this is, here is ANOTHER Business Opportunity You can take
advantage of or HELP somebody else take advantage of (maybe your jobless
brother, sister or loved one):
=>The Laptop Importation Business!!!
This is how the business works to make N200k/Month
1. You get your copy of The Amazing N14,000+
Laptop Breakthrough manual
2. You visit the foreign website that s.ells
Brand New laptops from N14,000+
3. You follow the instructions in the manual and
use the secret gateway to register for F.REE instead
4. You order for your own laptop at $89 or N13,973 at $1 = N157
5. In 10 Days time, you laptop receive your laptop direct to your house address.
6. Boy! You are so full of joy, you show 15 friends and 10 of them want their own.
7. You charge each N25,000 to order it for them
8. You check the website again to order but this time
you order for 20 laptops, you discover that 20 laptops
is NOT $89 but $86 = N13,500.
9. You bring all 20 laptops and s.ell each at N25,000.
This is how much you make from ONE transaction:
You bought 1 laptop = N13,500
You sold 1 laptop = 25,000
Profit on 1 laptop = 11,500
SO 20 laptops, you make 11,500 X 20 = N230,000
10. You repeat this process again and again.
ANd you have turned to a serious business woman
or man.
If you're serious about moving forward financially or would like
to help someone do so, then you could start this business!
It all starts from here >>>

To get FREE details on how to get your brand new
laptop, send An SMS with your name, Email and GSM to 08177003889

To Your Brand New Laptop!


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