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Author Topic: Are You Tired of Your State of Health or You Need Tips on How to Live Healthy?  (Read 472 times)

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Health is wealth so they but its take knowledge to be healthy.So take your health serious and don't live it on chance.

Health is wealth so they say, but it is a pity today how many are experiencing serious health challenges with a lot of pains because they are ignorance of principles of healthy living. That is why I consider it necessary to put together all the principles that many are practicing and they are enjoying their health which I believe, if you also practice you will enjoy your health as well.

Dear reader, in this book, I will like to take you back to the initial plans of God for man. In the book of Genesis it was recorded that God look at everything He created and He said they were all good ( including you). It was after the fall of man that the good turn to bad. Oh what a pity for man! It was from then man has been experiencing of kinds of catastrophic ranging from sickness to diseases  like headache , diabetes ,heart failure , liver damage ,coma (state of unconsciousness) etc just to mention few.

But I have good news for you, no matter what maybe the state of your health right now, things can be changed if you can follow some simple steps and guides. May I tell you, this world is governed by principles or laws. There are in operation supernatural, natural, physical laws but we are only concern with basics supernatural and majorly natural laws here for now.  May be you are asking what does laws have to do with my health?  I want to tell you that, for you to enjoy your life on this earth you must not despise laws. You must align your life with both supernatural and natural laws that are godly. Now let me quickly highlight the laws and principles.
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Abiodun Odeyemi
( Mr Fulfillment)
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