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Author Topic: Alert!! Stop Killing Yourself with Your Diets and See Major Causes of Diseases  (Read 531 times)

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Do you know that the major causes of all diseases we are experiencing today may be cancer, heart disease, diabetics e.t.c are from the foods we are eating everyday? That is why I deem it important to highlight the root causes of all diseases and solutions. You will do yourself good by being patient to read this short article to the end and apply all you will learn from it to your health so as to live healthy life.

Primary Causes of Failing Health

The Five Primary Causes of All Failing Health

1.    Lack of the correct combination of nutrients that all humans need in order to be healthy.

2. Lack of oxygen at a cellular level and/or the inability to utilize it.

3. Accumulation of toxins, poisons, and waste because of an inability of the body to detoxify like it should.

4. Lowered vitality (energy) due to stress, shock, injury, emotional upsets, losses, relationship or financial

worries, being unhealthy physically, etc.

5. Poor “Nutritional Status” acquired from parents upon conception, i.e. nutritional deficiencies and/or imbalances that damage the sperm and egg (ovum).

Your Health Depends Upon You!

Nature’s laws ensure survival of the fittest. Your survival and how well you live depends upon you taking charge of your own health. No one else can do that for you, not doctors, not your mother, not your spouse, and certainly not the government!

Medical and drug businesses are “just that” businesses!

Businesses have one major goal, and that is to make money!

Therefore that mean their services, products, and advice will not necessarily help you. In fact the medical field is rampant

with false theories, deception, and information that have caused a great deal of harm to you, your family and your friends.

Drug companies are behind most of the deception and false information being fed to you, and they use doctors like puppets.

Drug companies make the highest profits of any other company on Earth, and they manipulate governments to pass laws that benefit them and protect their precious profits! However, you need to know that any and all drugs are toxic to the human body and they deteriorate and ruin health.

In order to heal you will need to:read the full article here http://abiodunodeyemi.com/168-2/
Abiodun Odeyemi
( Mr Fulfillment)
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Many of diet cautious people are sick from the Western diet?

here are nutritious 5-step solution to foodies who battle the bulge:

Begin with a juice detox for 3 days.

Juice is nature’s energy drink. If possible, buy seasonal produce from a farmers market or local organic market.

Adding  probiotics into your diet.
Probiotocs helps your digestion, provides nutrients, and not only helps for the basis of the immune system, but helps regulate it

Avoiding Modern wheat will kill you,” But you don’t have to be gluten-free, just be free of modern wheat. Gluten Free


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