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« on: June 16, 2016, 04:41:22 PM »
On this page, we shall unveil one of the most lucrative businesses in the world to you.
Importation Business?
Importation business is obviously one of the most lucrative business in the world. Importation business refers to a business in which you buy goods from abroad (Europe, Asia, America etc) at wholesales prices and resell it in your locality for good profit. Believe us, good money is being made from this evergreen business...
Why You Should Listen To Us
The main reason why you should listen to us is because we teach what we practice. 80% of the things we personally use, we import them from abroad (not because we are westerner but because we get them cheap and of high quality) and we make a whole lot of cash importing goods and reselling them in Nigeria.
Nigeria is a consuming Nation...
The moment you realize the fact that Nigeria is a consuming Nation, the more you will realize that Importers make a whole lot of money. Nigeria hardly produce. We depend on imported goods...
...Not only that, we cherish imported goods more than our locally manufactured goods!
If you are a Civil Servant, Teacher, Artisan, Student, Doctor, Lawyer, Freelancer, Trader, Retiree, Lecturers, Business owners, Corporate individuals, Youth Corpers, Unemployed and Underemployed.
In as much as you wish to make extra N80,000 - N300,000 monthly on part-time, read this page carefully and take action at the end.
Do Not Be Deceived!
You can start mini-importation business with as little as N10,000 and there are no license or any governmental troubles. We are telling you this because we are speaking from over 4 years experience in mini-importation business.
How Importation Business Is Done
There are certain websites right on the internet that we go to and get goods bought at very cheap price. Yes! These are websites where suppliers are listed and their products displayed.
On these websites, we can search for anything we are interested in based on categories or by typing the name of what we are looking for.
How Do I make Payment
When buying from the foreign websites, we make payment using our Nigeria banks' ATM card. It's as simple as that. Be it GTB, FIRST BANK, FCMB, FIDELITY TRUST BANK, ECOBANK, UBA, ZENITH BANK etc.
The rate that will be deducted from your account will be determined by the exchange rate for the day you use the ATM card in making payment for goods ordered. For Example; You bought goods worth $100 and you paid with your Nigerian ATM card. If the exchange rate for the day (decided by your bank) is N156/$1, it means, N15,600 will be deducted from your balance.
How Will You Receive Your Goods
Whenever you make order for any goods, the seller is supposed to ship it to you FREE of Charge or charge you for the shipping. Interestingly, some shipment are so fast!
You can imagine! Delivery from CHINA, USA, EUROPE, SINGAPORE etc done to Nigeria within 5days if the seller uses DHL as means of transporting your goods. Some shipment take up to 27days before delivery.
What Can Be Imported and Sold...
The list is unlimited. You can import virtually any goods you feel there are demand for. The list include but not limited to:
1. Phones (Blackberry, android phones etc)
2. Phone Memory cards
3. Phone accessories (case, porch, ear piece, charger etc)
4. Laptops
5. Laptop accessories (laptop bags, anti-virus, flash drives etc)
6. Smart phones
7. Bags
8. Suits
9. Ladies Sandals
10. Male Sandals
11. Hair Clippers
12. Shoes
13. Belts
14. Computer Accessories
15. Flash Drives
16. External DVD drives
17. Ties
18. Wrist watches
19. Motor spare parts
20. Apple products like iphone, ipad, ipod, Macbook, etc.
21. Designer T-shirts
22. Children clothes
23. Digital Cameras
24. Phone Batteries
25. Chargers
26. Uk phones
27. Tablet pc
28. Phone screen guide
29. Brazilian, Mexican, Indian Hairs
30. Jewelries
I believe it's only a Doubting Thomas that will still not be convinced that importation business is highly lucrative!
NOTE: This is a partnership between Gbolagade Adetunji (Prof. Fiverr) and Oluwaseun Odumusi
More details at: www.nairacashflow.com/odumusi
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