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Author Topic: A Little Secret About PayPal Limiting Your Account  (Read 3083 times)

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A Little Secret About PayPal Limiting Your Account
« on: October 29, 2009, 11:56:51 PM »

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Hello Guru,

How was your day? Hope great!

As promised yesterday, I have decided to write you
concerning issues I have discovered lately about PayPal
accounts. This will be a very long lecture but you
have to read it again and again to discover this secret.

However, before I proceed, I would like to add here an
article I wrote about PayPal sometime last week to refresh
your mind.

Read This Question & Answer First and I will provide the
little secret below it.

Now, here are the answers to your questions.

Q1: What is PayPal?

A: PayPal is an online payment solution like Liberty
Reserve (to open a free Liberty Reserve account, do
click on: http://tinyurl.com/LReserve) but has
extensive use all over the world as a means of payment
for online transactions.

PayPal is like your normal online bank account but
goes beyond that. You can link a credit/debit card or
bank account to PayPal to make payment online for
products and services. More so, you can use it to receive

With PayPal account, you may not need to use Western
Union or MoneyGram for fund transfers. Someone in US can
login to his/her PayPal account and send funds from his/her
US bank account to someone in China as a gift. The receiver
 in China will login to his PayPal account and transfer
funds to his credit/debit card or HSBC account and withdraw.

Q2: Why is PayPal account so important?

A: PayPal has more than 150million users all over the
world. If you are selling online and you don’t have a
means of collecting PayPal payments, then you are
loosing a lot money on the table.

Also, merchants and buyers trust payment through PayPal
than credit or debit card because buyers are afraid that
fraudulent merchants can get their credit card details and
defraud them.

However, with the advent of PayPal, you can attach the
credit/debit to your PayPal account and make payment to
the merchant. The merchant will not have access to you
credit/debit card details. It is only PayPal that does.

So, what really happen is that PayPal will collect the funds
from your credit/debit card or bank account (bank account
is for countries like US, UK, China, Sweden, Austria, Germany,
Switzerland, India, etc) and pay the merchant in less than
30seconds depending on the speed of your internet connection.

As per online jobs like data entries, surveys, affiliate marketing,
CPA marketing, etc, you are required (sometimes optional)
to collect your payments through PayPal. So, this online account
is very important for any serious internet business owner.

Q3. Are their restrictions in opening this account?

A: Yes, there are countries that were banned by PayPal.
For example, Nigeria, Ghana, North Korea, Sierra Leone,
etc. PayPal made it possible that you can’t open a PayPal
account from any of these countries.

Q4: Is there a way out?

A: Yes, there is. For example, you can open a PayPal account
claiming you are from countries that are acceptable by PayPal.
However, you must change your IP address to that of the
country you want to use and not hide your IP.

Q5: What is the difference between changing your IP
and hiding your IP?

A: They are almost the same thing but... Changing
your IP address to a particular country means putting
some codes into your internet browser to change your
local or country IP to that particular country while
Hiding your IP means just using a software or website
or codes to change your local or country IP to any country
(most of them are US IPs) without caring about the location
of the country.

Q6: Why should I change my IP instead of hiding my IP?

A: Based on our experience, if you hide your IP to open
and verify your PayPal account, then you are running at risk
and that is the reason I wrote “How To Hide Your IP Address”.
If you read that eBook, you will discover what I wrote there
about PayPal.

For instance, if you want to open/verify a South African
PayPal account and you use some of the proxy sites (most
of these sites will give US IP) to do it. Let me tell you, it will
work but.. When you receive funds and tries to withdraw or
make payment, PayPal will limit your account.

So, better use the IP address of South Africa to open and
verify a South African PayPal account or else, you are running
at risk. The same also is applicable anytime you are using the

Q7: How can you help me get such account?

A: For some weeks now, we have decided to open and verify
PayPal accounts for 500 people all over the world at a reduced
rate of N3,997 or $25 Liberty Reserve. A lot of people have
benefited from it and we still want to do more.

The detailed information on how we can help you get a PayPal
account can be found by clicking on this link:

Q8: Can I do it myself?

A: Sure you can. But you need some knowledge before you
can do that. We have a package that will help you do it yourself.
You can as well make money by re-selling the package or opening
such account for others.

Just click here: http://tinyurl.com/CreativeMoneyIdeas to
learn more.

Q9: I want to get this PayPal account but how do I fund it to
make payments?

A: We do fund it for our clients using three methods. They are:
through exchange of Liberty Reserve dollars for PayPal dollars
or through paying Naira (Nigeria’s local currency) to any of our
bank accounts or through buying our Visa virtual Credit cards as
seen here http://YouAreRicher.blogspot.com

Q10: If I want you to fund my PayPal account, what are your
exchange rates?

A: If you want to exchange Liberty Reserve for PayPal, you will
transfer $1.3 Liberty Reserve to our account for every $1 PayPal.
For example, if you need $10 PayPal, you will transfer $13 of
Liberty Reserve to our account.

For Naira buyers, we charge N200 per $1 PayPal.

If you need such funding or exchange, do call: +234.703.2733047
or email: kkangroup@yahoo.com (We also fund Liberty Reserve
accounts at the rate of N176 for $1 Liberty Reserve).

Q11: When I have funds in my PayPal account, how do I withdraw?

There are ways of doing that and they are:

1. The most profitable is to sell the dollars. You can go to
http://GurusForum.com and register as a member. Then locate
e-Currency exchange category and advertise for it. Someone who
needs it will pay you in local currency while you transfer the
 dollars as gift to his/her PayPal account.

2. If you have a debit MasterCard or Visa from abroad (not the
ones issued by Nigerian banks), you can login to your PayPal account
and transfer the funds to the card. After 5 business days, the card will
be loaded. Just locate any ATM machine that has MasterCard or
Visa Card logo to withdraw your funds. (I’m currently working on
eManual that will help you to secure a FREE MasterCard from US
that can funded with even Liberty Reserve dollars. Just watch out).

3. And so on.


Now, here is the little secret. You see, this little secret would have
cost you about N25,000 if I decided to sell it. So many people all
over the world doesn’t know this little secret.

Why? Because they won’t invest time, energy and money to find
out what is really going on.

I have invested lots of time and money in discovering this secret.
For example, I have 7 PayPal accounts and lost only 3 of them.

Here they are:

2 US PayPal accounts (one functional and the other limited)

1 Chinese PayPal (still running like madness)

1 Indian PayPal (absolute functional)

1 Malaysian PayPal (limited due to my carelessness. Anyway, I
was experimenting)

1 Cyprus PayPal (limited coz I made payment without knowing
I didn’t change my IP address)

1 Swiss PayPal account (still rocking like fire)

So, with these experiments I was able to figure out something I
am about to tell you now.

PayPal is like a police officer who monitors your movement
around the world. For example, if you want to open and verify
an Indian PayPal account, please make sure you use Indian IP
or else you will run into problem when you start seeing funds
in your account. And make sure the IP address is static. If not,
don’t go into your account often.

What do I mean?

Ok, let me use a simple scenario here. If I call you with a landline
from Enugu bearing 042 code and the next 30 minutes, I’m calling
you with Abuja land line (i.e. 09 code), won’t you start suspecting
me? It will look like I’m trying to play funny games with you.

Yeah, if that is true, then PayPal suspends or limits your account
based on that scenario to. They monitor your movement around
the globe using sophisticated software that tracks your location
anywhere in the world.

To know what I mean, go right away to http://Whoer.net and you
will see what I mean. It will not only give you the location of the
country that owns the IP address you are using but near-exact
locality where you are residing. This is the technology being used
by PayPal to track where you are opening and verifying your account.

Okay, assuming you opened and verified your Indian PayPal
account with an IP from Mumbai, India and everything went well.
Later you wanted to use the same IP address but it wasn’t going. You
searched for other Indian IPs (I wrote about this in my eBook titled:
“How To Hide Your IP Address”) and got another working IP. Then,
rush to http://Whoer.net to see the location of that IP in India. If it’s
different from Mumbai, please DON’T LOGIN immediately or
your account will be LIMITED.

Why? Because, how can you be in Mumbai few hours ago and
later on you are in Chennai (another city in India)? It’s suspicious!
So, PayPal will immediately place a limit on that account and
ask you to provide your Utility Bill.

Then, how can you bypass such measures?

1. By using a static IP address. This is a situation whereby you
purchase a static VPN account for that particular country you need
so that whenever you login to your account, you will be seen as living
in that particular city.

2. If you still want to use free proxies, then whenever the proxy of
that particular country you used before to open and verify your PayPal
account is no longer working and you discover another proxy that is
working from that country. Please, do check the locality through
http://Whoer.net. If it’s different from the previous locality, make
sure you don’t login. Wait for like 2 days (48 hours) before you login.
At least, PayPal will believe you must travelled to other locality in the
same country within 2days.

3. I can open and verify a SPECIAL PayPal account and give you a
measure on how to get a Static IP to manage it for life at the
cost N3,997 or $25 Liberty Reserve. However, the account will take
like 3 – 5 days to complete it and deliver the details to you
through email.

God bless.

I’m committed to your success,
Ken Nwankwo
(The Guru’s Guru)
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Re: A Little Secret About PayPal Limiting Your Account
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2011, 05:47:03 AM »

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Re: A Little Secret About PayPal Limiting Your Account
« Reply #2 on: November 04, 2011, 09:34:47 PM »
Nice idea...kepp up the good work. :)
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