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Author Topic: 9mobile And Nasab Realities Business!!!  (Read 209 times)

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9mobile And Nasab Realities Business!!!
« on: January 24, 2018, 03:56:14 PM »
NASAB REALITIES is a Cyprus (Europe) based company,
Came to Nigeria about a month ago and
Partnered with ETISALAT whose Headquarter is Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
and they target SME
(Small Medium Enterprises)

They said; "It Is Possible To Earn Money As Others Loads Recharge Cards On Their Phones"
The next question is How?
Now they said if you register with them you become a partner to nasab realites that has already partnered with etisalat (Etinasab).
You will be given a kit containing your working tools including 3 SIM cards. 1 live sim(has phone number) and the other 2 is blank (just serial number) used for porting.
You are expected to use the sim that has number or give it to a heavy user (someone that is able to load minimum of #1000 to #10,000 worth of recharge card instantly for the month) and get 50% of the persons (easy business 2.0) subscription monthly for 3 months as cash to your e-wallet which can be transfers any time to your bank account.
The blank sim is meant to port customers to etisalat network and get 80% of the persons easy business 2.0 subscription. (Porting is changing network but retaining your formal number.)

When you register, a user name n password is created for you to monitor all your income.
On the platform you can buy e-top up (recharge card) also know as VTU in mtn and get 5% for any amount you top someone.
This is done to eliminate the paper cards on the streets because it cost these companies money to print on those cards. can you remember the size of etisalat 500 card before now.....Big right? But now how far? Very small so if you buy e-top up you get paid.
Further more you can buy shared data online and get any profit you decide to add as your retail price.
Let me give you the points again:

1: 50% from live sim
2: 80% from ported lines
3: 5% from e-top up
4: Any profit on data sales.
And the 5th is MLM( Multi-Level Marketing)
Note: You can choose to do 1-4 and stop there. But what happens if the customer decides to switch to easyflex, easycliq or easystarter He or she is no longer your customer because it's only on easy business 2.0 you get paid.
I know the next question on your mind is; How much is registration
With little as #7500 for 1 account, you are set for this wonderful business opportunities. You can open multiple accounts depending on your financial strength and get multiple streams of income too.

So Let's continue; as I'm chatting with you now if you like the business and decides to register, company pays me #1500 as 20% referral bonus of #7500 straight to my account online for bringing a new customer. I can get #1500 multiply by any number of persons daily.
Now if I register you and get #1500 and you talked to a friend or relative n he/she joins you will make #1500 too and I will get #750 from that your friend/relative's registration...it goes on like that.

Don't forget SIM cards are given to newly registered members and I still earn little % on usage from those SIM cards of my downlines.
Stage one is made up of 40 persons including you and 3 levels.
Level 1 is 3 persons
Level 2 is 9 persons
Level 3 is 27 persons
It's a 3*3 matrix.
You can earn #31500 to #100500 on stage one.
We have stage 1-5 with different rank advancement awards.

Click on menu if your are using your phone and click opportunities for detail.
Get back to ME for any question.

Thank You!..


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