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 In spite of the no of people who are really making millions of dollars online legitimately throughout out the globe. Nigerians are still very far behind, set-up successful online business in the comfort of the houses.

 Up to 43.9 Nigerians are now have access to internet for browsing via their mobile phone or  through their computer system or laptop. The question we need to ask ourselve is, how many of these great no's are going something valuable online?  There are even up to 10% of the figure.

 Most of them wants a change in their financial life, they decided to attend internet seminar, or but different e-books that can help them to be making money online on proven internet businesses, but at the end of the day, they can't still make any money online.

 l strongly believe that they are two things that are responsible for this,

 1. Laziness is one of the monster that is hindering people to make money online, because when they buy the said e-books, what do they do after it? Do they act on it what they are instructed to do in the e-books? No, more than 60% of those people who had bought one books or others don't act on it,by putting an effort on what they need to in the e-books.

 2.Lack of Patience. Almost Nigerian Marketers are celebrating, how successful Our Dad in Lord, Dr Sunny Ojagbase is, online businesses, because as far as in Nigeria is concern is No 1 online marketer today, but Nigerians forgot suddenly how much time and efforts he put on this business before he started, they forgot the no of month he locked up himself inside his room, reading that hard cover book he bought from UK, on how to make really make money online. HE REALLY SPENT MUCH TIME BEFORE HE COULD MASTER HOW TO BE DOING DOING BUSINESS ONLINE,BEFORE HE STARTED PRACTISING THAT WHILE MONEY STARTED FLOWS IN.

3. Ewen Chia powerful No 1 internet marketer that we can think of today. We also need to talk about the no of days, months, and year this sharp man,had in effort into his online business before he started making money on it while he still retained his pay job for the good 5 years. He start learn how internet used to work. You what when the man mastered all what he needed to know on affiliate marketing, he made $1 million within 48hours online. Because he has learnt and mastered all what he needed to know about the affiliate marketing.

 Finally, l want to ask you. Are treating your online business and your own personal offline business? How many hours do have for it in a day? Are been disturbed or distracted whenever you are working. Then, you need to change, it's on internet we have been seeing young people of the 21-25 that have become online millionaire.

 ln US alone more than 2 million of people are Millionaire in dollars, because they are Self-Employed and Self-Empowered as well. So, you need to change your mindset and mentality concerning how you can take you online business to nest level too. IF OTHERS CAN MAKE IT, U CAN MAKE IT AS WELL.

 To Your Success Online,

 Adewale Oluwajana Johnson



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